Five ways debit card

Use Five ways debit card processing will help your small business succeed

Use Five ways debit card

Dreaming of entrepreneurship? You’re not alone. In an uncertain job market during times of economic decline, many Canadians are choosing to be their own boss. People are striving to triumph on their own opening new restaurants, shops, online businesses, and other personal enterprises. There are multiple debit card processing company options out there for a smaller business owner, but not many can compare to the affordable rates and high quality of technical and customer service – it’s easy to see why they are Canada’s #1 payment processor!

In the following review article, our association describes Five Ways Debit Card Processing Will Help your Small Business Succeed. Continue reading to learn more!

  • Their great customer support: offers a live online chat service, which is terrific on a busy shopping weekend or when your restaurant’s phone is ringing off the hook with reservations and the debit card processing machine goes down. Instead of waiting on hold, you can multitask more easily by clicking the live chat button on the company’s website to engage with one of their friendly customer service representatives. They also have responsive technical support available, so if you need repairs or replacements on your equipment, they’re quite timely in their response.
  • Seamless financial management: When starting a small business, one must have significant capital to get their business plan off the ground and avoid being ripped off by companies who may prey on their seeming lack of strategy or knowledge around choosing the best debit card processing company for them. provides trustworthy business support via their no-hidden fees, secure transactions, and easy-to-read financial statements – helping to remove any mystery you may have about your sales.
  • Diverse payment processing options: The TDA doesn’t just provide debit card processing services – their machines accept credit cards, and gift cards and are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. There are four different styles of pinpad terminals described further on their website. They also offer wireless and mobile checkout options, as well as e-commerce and virtual terminals. So if you’re working on developing the next hot new app a la Uber or establishing an online store for your hand-knit creations, there are so many ways to process payments securely.
Five ways debit card
  • They have a wealth of digital information and engage with their customers: Although there’s tons of content around their services such as credit and debit card processing, The website, social media, and blog pages also have tons of other resources and guides for many different industries – automotive, restaurant, hospitality and e-commerce included. Under their Support tab, there are lots of helpful FAQs, so if you have a question you might have it answered without even needing to engage with an agent. They regularly post employee team photos and article links on their Facebook page, also writing weekly engaging blog posts covering many topics that small business owners could rely on to stay ahead. Read more of their very comprehensive blog here.
  • Their super competitive rates: Yes, finally we get to the money. Any small business starting out will be watching their operating costs and one that they can help with is lowering your credit and debit card processing rates! They are totally transparent, with no hidden fees or costs to business owners. The guaranteed quoted rates will be reflected on financial statements – for example, their current offer includes 1.23% on Visa and MasterCard, with a bonus of $300 in Lotto tickets. Just imagine if you were a winner and you could turn around and invest the money in your business. Now that would really relieve some of the stress that comes with running a small business.

You can definitely further reduce your stress as a small business owner by choosing them as your payment processing provider. All the customer testimonials on their website and YouTube channel confirm their reputation as the #1 Canadian Payment Processor and why they will help your small business succeed.

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