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What is CIF Number in SBI

What is SBI CIF Number Everything You need to Know

CIF Number

CIF Number that means Customer Information File contains the valuable banking information of an account holder in a digital format. Every file is assigned a unique number which pertains to every bank customer. 

In the SBI (State Bank of India), CIF number is an 11-digit number which gives the bank detailed information about a customer. The bank uses this ID to retrieve information like customer details, account types, balances, transactions, loan history etc.

SBI CIF Number is Printed on the first page of your bank passbook. you will find the CIF Number printed above your bank account number. If you don’t have your bank passbook then you can use your SBI Bank account statement. The Customer Information File Number will be mentioned on the top part of your account statement.

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CIF Code is maintained on a computerized file which contains your pertinent personal information as well as your account information by your bank. CIF is backed with a unique number pertaining to each bank customer.

How to Find CIF Number in SBI?

If you want know about How to find cif number in sbi bank then this article is very important for you because in this article Money Subsidiary explain how to find CIF number in sbi, so read this whole article carefully.

Money Subsidiary Explain three methods to find cif number in sbi offline method, online method.

Offline Methods to Find CIF Number in Sbi

  • Open your Passbook First page and you can get Your cif number of sbi. (cif number sbi bank passbook)
  • Open your sbi cheque book first page and you get your cif number of sbi
  • visit your sbi home branch and ask what is my cif number of sbi (Bank Employee ask to your personal details and then share your cif number of sbi)

Online Methods to find CIF Number in SBI

>First of all visit the official website of SBI Net banking (

>Log in to online SBI

>Choose the account statement option and fill in two dates in the option box
Select view and click on Go

>Your account summary page shall appear and it will display your CIF number, IFS code, MICR code and other information.

Find CIF Number in Sbi with SBI Anywhere APP

>First of all open SBI Anywhere APP

>Enter your login id and password

>After SBI Anywhere APP login click on service on the homepage

>Click on Online Nomination in services

>Under this page, select Transaction accounts in the type of account

>Choose saving account number

>Next to your account number, CIF number will be displayed.

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