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4 Reasons Why Gold IRAs Are So Popular

A diversified retirement portfolio is what everyone desires, making gold Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) a popular choice for many. Others consider them a wise choice, especially over the long term, as having gold IRAs balances the risk of other retirement investments. Keep reading to find out why gold IRAs have a massive following today. 

What Are Gold IRAs

Gold IRAs are similar to traditional IRAs. Instead of holding paper assets, gold IRAs contain physical gold in bars or bullion coins. For the account owner’s benefit, the gold IRA’s contents will be in the custody of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-approved custodian. You can find many gold IRA companies online such as and similar websites.

It may seem a little daunting, but when you take the time to study them, gold IRAs aren’t as complicated as they seem. If you’re persistent, you only need to find an approved depository and a custodian or trustee for the IRA. Once you have it, you can start buying approved gold, and your custodian will account for it after you transfer it to your chosen depository.

In the retirement investment industry, the term ‘gold IRA’ may also refer to an account that contains other approved precious metals besides gold. That’s because gold is the most common precious metal investors buy for their IRAs. With such, you can use gold IRAs when talking about IRAs with eligible precious metal bars, bullion, and coins. 

Why Are Gold IRAs So Popular

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Many have used gold as a medium to store the value of assets for many years. It’s also both rare and useful. It’s rare enough that it’s only produced selectively but useful enough that coins or bars can be created from gold. 

Moreover, gold is hard to counterfeit, easy to transport, doesn’t corrode, and is durable. Because of such attributes, gold as a retirement investment is preferred. For more elaboration, here are some reasons why gold IRAs are so popular: 

  1. Durable Security

No matter where you go, people view gold as one of the most secure assets in the world. Thus, investors consider the gold IRA as a safe long-term investment. Gold is used as frequently as money, especially in the ornamentation and jewelry industry. Traditionally, it’s a form of payment that humans use, making it one of the most valuable metals out there.

Because of such, gold is less likely to become outdated. And although the dollar’s purchasing power keeps eroding and inflation keeps occurring, the cost of gold keeps increasing. So, if you want long-term security for your retirement funds, consider gold IRAs. 

Most people even consider gold IRAs as an insurance policy for their retirement fund. Unlike mutual funds and stocks that could go bankrupt when their companies go out of business, physical gold will still hold its value no matter what happens. If you’ve invested all your retirement funds in mutual funds or stocks, you could be left with nothing when the companies go bankrupt. 

Traditional IRAs containing mutual funds or stocks are vulnerable to inflation as well. So if the economy or market dumps, the value of your paper IRAs will most likely dump, too. On the other hand, gold IRAs can provide insurance against inflation since gold prices’ direction is generally opposite to paper assets. With such, gold IRAs are popular for wealth holders who want an extra layer of security on their investments. 

  1. Asset Diversification

Asset diversification aims to have reliable, stable returns over time since it can help smooth out the volatility of any investment asset market. While putting your funds among various stock investments is okay, it’s also good to diversify your retirement funds with gold IRAs. Investors learned this when the economic and financial crises broke out a few years ago and their retirement investments evaporated. 

Paper assets are prone to many threats such as geopolitical tensions, weakening of the dollar, inflation, and government debt. To balance your portfolio and have an asset to protect your funds from possible risks, pour money into gold IRAs too. 

Moreover, it’s recommended that you diversify across three investment sectors within the tangible assets category. That way, you can enjoy each class and asset’s financial benefits as they can serve long, medium, and short-term holding strategies. And gold IRAs can serve as a long-term hedge for your investments. 

  1. Depository Storage Facility

You need to choose an approved depository storage facility to store your gold IRAs. Each depository storage facility is insured, making it a high-security facility against liabilities like theft, damage, or loss. 

Such facilities have highly advanced security tools and mechanisms such as sound, motion, and vibration detectors, 24 hours monitoring systems, and timed locks. Plus, they have a USD$1 billion insurance coverage, which provides you with risk insurance. It means you won’t have to worry about storing your physical gold since these facilities will ensure their safety and security. 

Until you’re ready to withdraw or your physical fold reaches its predefined retirement age, the third-party storage facility will take care of it. Most importantly, having such facilities will remove the burden of ensuring that the physical gold you buy is authentic. The facilities are also responsible for weighing, quantifying, annotating, auditing, confirming, and inspecting any products they receive. With such, you can be sure you’re investing in IRS-approved gold. 

  1. Types Of Gold IRAs

Another reason why gold IRAs are popular is you can choose from the different types of such accounts. Asking the right questions before opening a gold IRA is the first step, and such questions include asking what type of account is best for you. Here are the following types: 

  • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Gold IRA: If you have a small business or are self-employed, then SEP IRAs can be for you. Such an account allows you to contribute to yourself or your employees while similarly functioning like traditional gold IRAs. 
  • Roth Gold IRA: Unlike traditional IRAs, Roth Gold IRAs make you pay taxes when you contribute money yet grow tax-free. It means you can withdraw your contributions without the need to pay taxes. Most importantly, your withdrawal isn’t restricted, unlike other IRAs. 
  • Traditional Gold IRA: A traditional gold IRA is the most common type of gold IRAs that lets you deduct your contribution from your income. The best thing about it is that it lessens your taxes in the year you contribute. But you’ll pay the total amount withdrawn plus its income tax on a traditional gold IRA. 


Gold doesn’t lose its popularity, making gold IRAs famous investment options. Investors use such accounts to create retirement investments that safeguard their assets from inflation and possible financial and economic crises. Such investment has different types that one can choose from without worrying about keeping their physical gold safe and secure. Start diversifying your retirement investment with gold IRAs.

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