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Find Bank of America Near Me Branch Locations and ATMs Nearby

Bank of America is one of the top four most well-known and popular U.S. banks. By 2022, the bank has over 4,300 branch locations as well as 17,000 ATMs. It’s usually easy to locate branches that offer the services you require close by. Bank of America also offers an mobile application to make banking online easy debit and credit cards.

The headquarters are located with its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bank of America casts a vast net of approximately 4,200 retail financial centers all over the world, and around 17,000 ATMs. They also offer a variety of digital banking services that are available to 41 million active customers with a total of 32 million mobile customers. If you ever require the services of a teller, or an inside-branch rep, you will not need to look far to locate an Bank of America branch.

Bank of America Near Me

You can find the closest Bank of America branch by using the Google Maps search or by going to the Bank of America website, with an option to locate branches and ATM. Simply type in your zip code, address, a city , or the state you want to start.

If you’re using to use the Bank of America website’s locator feature you can sort the results of your search by ATM or branch as well as sort your results by the services you require.

Bank of America Bank Branch Near Me

Consumer banking branches provide many different options, from setting up bank accounts to requesting auto and home loan. If you’re using the Bank of America website to locate branch locations You can narrow your search according to the services provided in the Financial Center Services header. There are other search filters made available through Bank of America which include.

  • A dedicated business teller
  • Glass barrier at Customer Service desk
  • Drive-thru teller services
  • Express Financial Center
  • Accepts appointments
  • Financial Solutions Advisor
  • Specialists in Home Loans
  • Notary services

Bank of America ATM Near Me

Utilizing to use the Bank of America website’s branch locator, you can sort your search results to show branches with ATMs. All you need to do is click the “ATM Services available” box.

You can select the kind of ATM services you require, then filter your results so that you can see branches which include:

  • ATMs with drive-thru
  • ATMs that are walk-up
  • ATMs that are cardless
  • ATMs that take deposits and credit card transactions.
  • ATMs that permit cash withdrawals only. Deposits are not accepted.
  • ATMs are located in the branch office

Information About Bank of America

Customer Service

If you require help or a customer support representative If you need assistance, you are able to:

  • Contact 1-800-432-1000, or any of the other telephone numbers that are listed by department or area in the site of the institution. Customer Service representatives are usually accessible:
    • Monday through Friday from Monday through Friday, a.m. until 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
    • Saturday and Sunday Saturday and Sunday, a.m. until 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
  • Make appointments by entering Bank of America Online.
  • Chat with an agent on the Bank of America’s banking online portal. Make sure to know that the service is only available on certain subjects.
  • On Twitter, follow Customer Service using the handle @BofA_Help.

Bank of America Savings Account

Bank of America offers a one main saving account called The Advantage Savings account as well as two child-friendly savings accounts.

To avoid the monthly $8 fee associated with Advantage Savings, in order to avoid the $8 monthly fee with Advantage Savings account You must keep a minimum balance of $500, or link accounts to your Advantage Relationship Checking account, or sign up to become an Bank of America Preferred Rewards customer. The fee is exempt for accounts that are less than 18 years of age. The minimum opening balance required for Advantage Savings account is 100 dollars. Advantage Savings account is $100.

The annual percentage yield varies depending on the nature of your relationship in Bank of America. For instance, in order to achieve the highest APY rate of 0.04 percent, you must be part of the Platinum Honors tier of the Preferred Rewards program.

Bank of America Checking Account

Bank of America technically only offers one kind of checking account called an Advantage Banking Account however, it is available with three levels including Advantage Safe Balance Advantage Plus, Advantage Safe Balance as well as Advantage Relationship.

The only Advantage Relationship Banking checking accounts are able to earn interest, with an APR of 0.01%-0.02 percent, based on the amount of your account. All Advantage Banking checking accounts are subject to monthly maintenance fees but they are able to be eliminated. The fees vary between $4.95 to The Advantage SafeBalance account, to 12 dollars for Advantage Plus, and $25 for Advantage Relationship Banking.

All types of checking accounts offer an equivalent level of basic features, with the following benefits and perks such as fraud protection with an obligation-free guarantee of $0 and mobile deposit capabilities via app; an interactive tools for budgeting and spending quick, secure login, with fingerprint-enabled mobile devices; personalized alerts, and control of debit cards.

Certain customers are eligible to have maintenance charges waived. Additionally, Preferred Rewards offers perks like maintenance fees being waived. Preferred Rewards program provides benefits like loan rate reductions as well as ATM fees rebates. On the other hand, Bank of American charges an overdraft fee that is quite high of $35 and fees of at least $5 when using non-Bank of American ATMs.

Bank of America Features

Product Broadness

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a financial institution that has more options for products that Bank of America, which provides range of products that range from savings and checking accounts to a variety of loan and investment options that include credit card.

Rewards Program

The Preferred Rewards program gives customers advantages such as discounts on loan rates and ATM fee reimbursements. Members who sign up for Preferred Rewards also get to avoid the monthly fees for maintenance of accounts for savings and checking accounts.


Bank of America boasts about 4200 branch locations and 17,000 ATMs throughout the globe, offering services across thirty countries which makes it one of the most global companies in the banking sector.

Accessibility and Services

With 24/7 customer support and a branches across the country there’s plenty of options to log into your accounts and services from Bank of America. The bank also has mobile apps that work on nearly every kind of device including Apple as well as Android up to Windows 10. The apps score highly across all platforms, and have the 4.8 rating on both the App Store and the Android Store. The app allows you to login into your bank of America account to deposit checks or set up alerts, transfer money, and even check your accounts.

Bank of America Hours

It is possible to view the Bank of America’s hours of operation per branch by via Google Maps and clicking on the location of each branch. It is also possible to view the hours of operation of each branch offices on the Bank of America website, specifically, using the branch locator function. You can sort results by whether the branch is currently open opening hours, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Monday10am – 4pm
Tuesday10am – 4pm
Wednesday10am – 4pm
Thursday10am – 4pm
Friday10am – 4pm
Saturday9am – 1pm

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