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5 Benefits of Seeking a Bankruptcy Consultation When in Debts

It is no secret that debt causes financial stress, making it difficult to pay your bills, save, or plan for the future. This challenge worsens if your creditors constantly make intimidating collection calls. Filling out a petition for relief like chapter 13 bankruptcy texas will help you because it helps you reorganize your finances and pay the debts through a Chapter 13 plan. However, navigating through the process is challenging hence the need for consultation, which comes with the following benefits:

1.      A better understanding of the process

A bankruptcy attorney from a reputable professional limited liability company (PLLC) will explain the Chapter 13 process. Requirements, timeline, and the outcome you should expect are some areas the professional you get during the consultation will help you understand. You will know if you are eligible and the right time to do it. As a result, you will act quickly and seek another petition like Chapter 7, 11, 12, or 15, depending on your debt situation.

2.      Providing legal representation

The professional will also provide legal representation, which is essential in the Chapter 13 process. Thanks to the attorney’s expertise and experience, they understand the bankruptcy laws and the way around the bankruptcy court in your district. The bankruptcy attorney will help you fill out the petition and represent you because this bankruptcy petition requires a court appearance. And since they have your best interest, they will protect your right and ensure you get the maximum debt discharge.

3.      Negotiating with creditors

Seeking consultation will also get an attorney who will negotiate with creditors. These professionals will leverage their extensive knowledge of the bankruptcy code and your district’s legal system when negotiating. In addition, they have an objective perspective because they aren’t affected by the emotion that debt negotiations come. These professionals are also experienced in dealing with creditors and have ways around creditors’ tactics during negotiation.

4.      Asset protection

An experienced attorney you will get through consultation can protect your assets through the automatic stay. Additionally, the professional will advise you on exemption planning which protects your specific assets from creditors. Still, the consultation will help you avoid fraudulent transfers, which you might be tempted into to prevent repossession by creditors. As a result, your assets will be safe as you negotiate favorable debt settlement terms.

5.      Developing favorable repayment plans

Through consultation, you will find an attorney to help you develop good repayment plans. The attorney will assess your income and expenses to determine how much you can repay monthly without straining. From there, they will negotiate with the creditors to reduce or eliminate some debts to make the repayment process manageable. The bankruptcy attorney will develop feasible repayment plans aligning with your financial situation. 

Being deep in debt is the worst situation you can get yourself in because of the stress that comes with it. Filling out a petition like a chapter 13 bankruptcy in texas can give you a much-needed breather. However, the process can be challenging if you need help understanding the eligibility requirements, suitable repayment plans, court procedures, and creditors’ objections. That’s why it’d be best to seek consultation which will benefit you in the ways you have read here.

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