Best bitcoin debit cards of all time!

Users are using Bitcoin debit cards to pay for goods and services. Now a cryptocurrency user can utilize a bitcoin debit card anywhere that accepts visa and master cards. The majority of the bitcoin debit card companies have partnered with visa to make these cards globally possible. If you are interested in bitcoin mining sign up here.

In short, even if your country is not equipped with a bitcoin ATM, you can use bitcoin debit cards. Bitcoin debit card companies are increasing daily as every cryptocurrency exchange releases their services subjected to bitcoin debit cards. But in the cryptocurrency industry, you cannot risk your assets by trying a rookie company, so the top-notch bitcoin debit cards are listed. 


As discussed above, many international cryptocurrency exchanges have released their bitcoin debit cards, and Coinbase is one of these exchanges. Any company, store, or local shop that accepts visa cards can also accept the bitcoin debit card of Coinbase. Coinbase is not merely famous for bitcoin transactions in the debit card services as you can make use of other digital currencies as well.

 The security offered by the bitcoin debit card of Coinbase is impeccable. The mere con of using this debit card is that it demands a verified account upon Coinbase exchange. Undeniably it is not a challenging task to get verified as a user upon Coinbase exchange, but a user cannot make use of a Coinbase debit card. Besides basic debit card features, Coinbase offers some extraordinary features to its users to track their overall spending and security.

The Coinbase bitcoin debit card is not accessible to everyone as citizens of some countries like the UK are necessitated to pay a substantial fee if they want to use this bitcoin debit card. Besides the issuance fees of the Coinbase debit card, every transaction executed using this debit card is subjected to some fees.

Block card!

Block cards acquired popularity in the cryptocurrency industry because of many digital currencies. The number of digital currencies you can utilize while using a bitcoin debit card or Block card is more than 15. Moreover, the debit card of this company correspondingly offers a beautiful debit card to their users.

Depending upon the size of the transaction, you can get a cashback of 1 to 6% on each transaction. Moreover, the transaction fees of this debit card are way lesser than the Coinbase debit card. On the other hand, a block card necessitates users to pay monthly fees to keep using their debit card.

 The major drawback of utilizing the Block card is that you cannot purchase a card from this company without purchasing the Ternio token. Like the Coinbase debit card, you can use this cryptocurrency debit card anywhere that accepts visa services. Block card charges a considerable international transaction fee. But when it comes to domestic transactions, the transaction fees are merely 3 to 4%.


Wirex recently appeared in the list of best bitcoin debit cards. Wirex is one of the few bitcoin debit cards that allow you to pay with fiat currencies. In short, with the help of Wirex bitcoin debit, you can use both bitcoins and USD to pay for your goods and services. Wirex is one of the easiest-to-use cryptocurrency debit cards at the instance. In Wirex, you can earn interest on your cryptocurrency and fiat currency holding. The interest you can earn upon your fiat currency holding is 16%, and the interest you can earn upon your cryptocurrency holding is 10%.


Binance is one of the international cryptocurrency exchanges that launched its bitcoin debit cards. Binance is much better in terms of bitcoin debit card services because it offers massive cashback on every transaction. As the size of transactions goes up, the amount of cashback correspondingly increases.

Undeniably you can merely utilize cryptocurrencies to pay for your goods and services, but the variety of virtual currencies you can pay with is incredible. For example, no bitcoin debit card offers as much variety in terms of cryptocurrency as binance. The above-listed portion explains the best bitcoin debit cards of all time.

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