Best bitcoin mining pools!

Regardless arrival of a massive number of digital currencies, bitcoin is still one of the prominent choices for the mining business.  Bitcoin is preferable when it comes to mining because the availability of bitcoin mining pools has made minting this token bit easy. Now people don’t need to focus on other altcoins like ether and raven coin, as you can profitably perform bitcoin mining with the assistance of a mining pool. Click this image below to start your bitcoin journey.

Since bitcoin mining is looking more attractive as a business than in the past few years, people choose to mine bitcoin than any other digital currency. Undeniably mining pools are crucial to maximizing profits in bitcoin mining, but choosing a good one is not a piece of cake. Here are some of the top-notch mining pools that you can choose to mine bitcoin.

Top 5 mining pools!

You might wonder what classifies a bitcoin mining pool as superior. Two criteria decide the superiority of a bitcoin mining pool; the foremost is the number of blocks formed by the pool, and the second is its user base. People should always look for the overall hash rate and the number of blocks formulated by the mining pool rather than just focusing on the user base. Let’s look at the best bitcoin mining pools based on their overall hash rate number of blocks formed alongside the user base.


Antpool reportedly arrived on the list of top bitcoin mining pools the previous year when china was classified as the hub of bitcoin mining. Antpool is still appearing in the top bitcoin mining pool list as it is a massive hash rate production of a single day. The current standing of this mining pool in terms of hash rate is 3500 in petahash second.

Antpool is the mere pool responsible for producing almost 20% block formation on the bitcoin blockchain in the last six months. In short, Antpool accounted for the validation of all 20% of bitcoin transactions in the last six months. The miner base of this mining pool is correspondingly massive, but Antpool has quality miners to a gigantic extent.!   

The hash rate and the number of blocks generated by this mining pool on the bitcoin blockchain lag slightly behind the Antpool. As discussed above, in the last six months, Antpool has been responsible for the generation of more than 20% of blocks; on the other hand, this mining pool is responsible for the generation of 17-18% of blocks on the blockchain of bitcoin when it comes to the top company of both these bitcoin mining pools, Bitmain.

Every bitcoin miner has heard about Bitmain Technology Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading giants in the ASIC manufacturing industry. Every cryptocurrency miner using application-specific integrated circuits has hardware manufactured by this company installed in their mining rigs. This cryptocurrency pool came live in 2016 and is still operating as one of the leading mining pools.

Bitmain was being accessed of 51% attack in the bitcoin mining industry because the company owns the two largest mining pools. In addition, this company correspondingly manufactures the majority of the ASICs. In short, Bitmain has massive control over the hash rate being contributed to the bitcoin blockchain by cryptocurrency miners.


In the list of top bitcoin mining pools, BTC. The top appears at the third spot. BTC. The top is one of the latest cryptocurrency mining pools. This mining pool’s overall hash rate standing is slightly lesser than Antpool. The current standing of this mining pool in terms of hash rate is 3100 hash rate—however, BTC. The top also contributed to the production of more than 15% of the blocks on the blockchain of bitcoin.

Via BTC!

ViaBTC accounts as a diverse cryptocurrency mining pool as it is not a dedicated bitcoin mining pool. However, the hash rate generated by this mining pool in the last six months is 2.772 exa hash, and on the blockchain of bitcoin, this mining pool accounted for the production of 11.5% of blocks.

Slush! No cryptocurrency mining pool is as older as slush. However, despite being one of the oldest mining pools in this game, slush has remained a top-notch mining pool. The above-listed portion explains all about the best bitcoin mining pools.

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