Best bitcoin wallets!

Every cryptocurrency user is familiar with the concept of an e-wallet, but only a few are familiar with its significance. If you are looking for the best places to store and receive cryptocurrencies, the best bitcoin wallets can help you in this task. Bitcoin wallets equipped with hefty security protocols and a massive number of cryptocurrencies support are ranked in the category of superior bitcoin wallets. Here listed are the best bitcoin wallets of all time. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check the Beginner’s trading app .


Exodus is a computer-based wallet, but recently, it became compatible with mobile phones. The reason why exodus is ranked in the category of best bitcoin wallets of all time is that this wallet is straightforward to use. Exodus is the mere wallet that allows you to do so in nearly 150 digital currencies when swapping between cryptocurrencies.

Exodus is meant to be utilized by both beginners and advanced cryptocurrency users. Undeniably, some features are missing in the exodus cryptocurrency wallet for advanced users, but the departure has done a great job in terms of security protocols. On the other hand, advanced cryptocurrency users prohibit using exodus virtual currency wallets massively because the wallet is equipped with a closed source.

The closed-source cryptocurrency wallets are meant to circumvent some of the prominent features of this industry. Similar to other best bitcoin wallets, the exodus wallet gives you an option of changing the transaction fees according to the network strength. Undeniably exodus gives the option of making changes in the transaction fees, but that does mean you can ultimately reduce the transaction fees.


Since electrum is ranked in the category of best bitcoin wallets, you also get the feature of customizing transaction fees in this wallet. Currently, every bitcoin dedicated wallet correspondingly supports other cryptocurrencies, but electrum is the mere best bitcoin dedicated wallet that only supports bitcoin. As per reports, electrum does not even support the bitcoin hard fork. The feature where electrum lags behind other cryptocurrency wallets is its user interface. Moreover, this cryptocurrency wallet is not equipped with dedicated customer care.

Electrum’s users have faced many difficulties while communicating with customer care. However, electrum has the best security protocols out of every hot wallet. Therefore, electrum is the best option for heavy investors who only look to invest in bitcoin.

Moreover, electrum is equipped with an open-source. Besides offering customizable transaction fees, the digital currency wallet allows you to customize the security protocol. In short, you can upgrade the level of security in this wallet.

Electrum is the utmost recommended cryptocurrency wallet for advanced bitcoin users. However, if electrum’s developer decides to upgrade this wallet’s user interface and layout, no dedicated bitcoin wallet will compete with electrum.


People usually draw an analogy between electrum and mycelium in terms of security. But mycelium is not just a dedicated bitcoin wallet as other cryptocurrencies are correspondingly supported on this wallet. 

Mycelium is not merely a hot wallet like the above-listed cryptocurrency wallets. You can correspondingly use a dedicated hardware wallet with the help of this wallet. The reason why mycelium is easy to use is that it is compatible with a mobile phone.

This cryptocurrency wallet is not compatible with desktops or any other computing device, and this restricts the accessibility of this wallet. But mycelium is equipped with open-source software, which is one of the prominent advantages of this cryptocurrency wallet. However, when it comes to novices, mycelium is not the appropriate choice as the UI of this wallet is a bit difficult to understand for a beginner.

Ledger Nano X!

Ledger Nano X is one of the famous cryptocurrency hardware wallets. The affordability of this hardware wallet makes it superior to other hardware wallets. You cannot only connect this hardware wallet using a USB cable but also Bluetooth. Ledger has correspondingly launched a compact version of this hardware wallet named ledger Nano S. The Bluetooth connectivity of Nano X is way better than the Nano S… Still, Nano S comes at half the price of the Nano X.

The above-listed portion explains a detailed overview of the best bitcoin wallets.

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