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Create Wazirx Account Online & KYC Verification Step By Step []

Create Wazirx Account Online & KYC Verification Step By Step [] : Today we will know about Wazirx, How to create wazirx account, How to Open WazirX Account?, What Is a Crypto?, how to signup in wazirx, How to Create Wazirx Account in Mobile, Wazirx Account Opening, Wazirx KYC Verification, Wazirx Account Verification, so if you interested in crypto currency, this article very important for you so read this article carefully.

Hello Everyone, if you have to buy a Crypto Currencies Coin like Bitcoin, Doge Coin in India cryptocurrency or you want to earn money by trading in crypto? That too in Indian Rupees (INR), through your bank account. You can do all this on the Wazirx platform. For that first, you have to create an account on Wazirx and get KYC verified, how to create an account? So do you have to approve KYC? You are going to get to know all this in this article. How do you want to deposit money in Wazirx after creating an account? It is also going to get to know you in this article, and after depositing money, you can also buy and trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies! But how to do all this? We are going to tell you all through this article. So let’s start without any delay.

What Is a Crypto Currency ?

Crypto currency stands for Cryptography. A cryptocurrency uses cryptography to secure, conduct and validate monetary transactions.

No individual or organization controls the creation of cryptocurrencies because they exist on distributed, decentralized networks known as blockchains.

The blockchain consists of information packets called ‘blocks’ interconnected in a ‘chain’ type of arrangement. The centralized lasers are created by ‘controlled’ banks or data repositories by software and networking giants, and the blockchain is a decentralized ‘peer-to-peer’ digital ledger.


cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography. It is difficult to counterfeit because of its security feature.

WazirX is a popular Cryptocurrency exchange app that is used for trading on cryptocurrencies.

WazirX is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange that supports buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is a popular application worldwide for crypto. Many investors have started investing in cryptocurrency. However, entering crypto is not as easy as it seems, and people should do intensive research before joining cryptocurrency.

Indian crypto exchanges such as WazirX and Coinswitch have made it easier for ordinary Indian people to enter cryptocurrencies in India, where people can buy crypto quickly and safely.

WazirX Trading App?

WazirX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform or application. You can trade various cryptocurrencies and coins by using the national currency. Users can deposit money in exchanges and buy cryptocurrency with the money. The money which is added to your WazirX wallet is used to purchase the cryptocurrencies. The users complete their KYC process before they start trading in crypto.

WazirX is one of the older crypto trading apps and launched on March 18. WazirX started peer-to-peer trading where people can do crypto exchanges without money. It kept alive until 2020, when the Supreme Court re-legalized cryptocurrency in India. WazirX has become the largest crypto exchange in India and has a significant role in making crypto trading to India’s public.

How to Create Wazirx Account Online?

Step 1: First of all Click on this Link Wazirx or Visit []

  • Or Visit Plays tore on Mobile and search wazirx and download this app.
Open wazirx Account1

Step 2: After that open wazirx app then you will see the login option in front of you, click on login, at the bottom you will see SIGN UP on which you have to click.

Step 3: After that Firstly enter your Gmail address, and then you have to create a password, and confirm that password below.

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Step 4: You can use our referrer code to get an additional discount, below you will see the option “Referral Code“, which you have to click on and enter the code “tenetbh3“.

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Step 5: After that completing all this verification process email arrives on your Gmail, you have to open your email and click on “Verify Email“.

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Step 6: After verifying the email address, you have to turn on the security feature. This is additional security to keep your account secure. Whenever you login or withdraw Wazirx App, this security will be used at that time. In the security picture you get three options, first the Authenticator app, the second mobile s.m.s., and the third None. From this, you can use the option of another number i.e. Mobile SMS.

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Step 7: Mobile SMS After clicking on, you have to enter your mobile number, and click on “Send OTP“. There is an OTP on your mobile number to verify the mobile number. Which you have to fill in the blank and click on “Next“. Now your security settings are complete. Now whenever you login or remove your smartphone or any other device, an OTP will come before that, after that we will be able to do the further process.

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Step 8: After that select your “Country“. After this, the option of KYC will come in front of you. In which you will see 2 options. The first one in which you can deposit and trade without KYC. But after having KYC done, you will be able to take advantage of facilities like deposit, trade, withdrawal and p2p. Hence it is very important to do your KYC. For which you have to click on “Complete KYC“.

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How to Wazirx KYC ?

So first off all know about wazirx kyc which documents required, Wazirx Kyc documents required list show below.

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card

Step 9: After click on Complete Kyc Fill some required details First Name, Middle Name, last name, Date of Birth, Address, State, Pin, City.

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Step 10: And then enter PAN card number – 2 times to be filled, and photo of “PanCard” is to be uploaded.

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Step 11: After uploading the photo of the PAN card, you have to fill the number of your “Aadhaar Card“, “Passport“, and “Driving License” at any time, and upload the photo of it.

Step 12: We are using the Aadhaar card, you have to enter the number of “Aadhaar Card” twice, and upload the front and back picture of the Aadhaar card.

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Step 13: Finally you have to upload a photo of yourself, in which you have to hold the Aadhaar card in your hand and take a passport photo, and upload it.

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Step 14: After completing all this process you have to click on “submit for verification“. Let us tell you that after doing all these procedures correctly, in about 2 to 5 hours your KYC is approved, it can take at least 72 hours for verification.

I think after follow this above steps you can easily create wazirx account online, if any confusion you can repeats this steps carefully.

WazirX Trading Charges

Any crypto exchange platform works by charging some small percentage of its users on every trade. WazirX works on this basis. WazirX charges a 0.2 percent commission on every transaction, which percent rate is the lowest crypto exchange commission rate worldwide. However, users should note that they may have to spend money when depositing and withdrawing in the app.

In WazirX, depositing money by bank transfer will cost Rs. 5.9 While withdrawing money from the app costs between Rs. 5 to 10 depending on the method.

Readers are advised to do in-depth research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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WazirX Referral Program

WazirX Referral Program

How to Money Deposit in Wazirx Upi

  • Click on Funds in the top bar 
  • Under Indian Rupee, Click on the Deposit button
  • Select Instant deposit with UPI
  • Link your UPI ID from which you will deposit the funds. For successful verification, your WazirX account name and the name in the UPI Banking system should be the same.
  • Once the verification is completed, enter the amount you wish to deposit and proceed
  • Check your UPI app and complete the transaction. Your deposit will be done near instantly 
  • Your account will be credited within a couple of hours if the UPI status is successful

wazirx is legal in india ?

The short answer is: Yes, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are legal in India. You can buy, invest, trade without fear. 

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