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Credit Repair Cloud Software: Best Credit Repair Software 2022

Have you ever thought about that how to start a more profitable credit repair business at present days but you don’t know where to start and how to take very easy steps to do this business? Well, now “Credit Repair Cloud” might be the answer to all your problems related to your new profitable credit repair business.

Before I start, this is what helped me get started in credit repair as a side hustle. So to get the most out of this guide, I will start from scratch. 

We know that there is much other software out there claiming they are at the Top Level i.e.  #1 but, in this review, you’ll see why Credit Repair Cloud is the Best Credit Repair Software to start, grow and scale your credit repair business.

It’s software that makes it incredibly easy to launch, run, and grow your very own profitable credit repair business, or add an entirely new revenue stream to your existing business.

Who Is the Founder of Credit Repair Cloud?

Founder Daniel Rosen has developed an amazing software and company the first Credit Repair Software in 2002 (Credit-Aid), in Silicon Beach, California after pulling his hair out trying to repair his own credit. Daniel has over 20 years of experience in the credit repair industry.

We believe this is a strong company that offers amazing training and mentorship to its users. According to him, he thought that there was a need for this type of software and this allowed him to become the biggest credit repair software in the industry.

Now there are thousands of happy clients and users, and no one can question its excellence.  Moreover, it is redefining the billion-dollar industry and is one of the most successful credit repair software as a service in the world. So now stick around to it and I am going to share some more interesting and useful information with you.

Credit Repair Cloud Company Information:

LocationLos Angeles, California
LeadershipDaniel Rosen
Year Founded2013
Company Size11-50 employees

What Is Credit Repair Cloud?

Credit Repair Cloud is software that makes it incredibly easy to launch, run, and grow your very own profitable credit repair business, or add an entirely new revenue stream to your existing business.

Without Credit Repair Software, We likely would have had to pay for dispute processing and administrative support; however, this software is that tool that allows us to save money and grow our business more quickly than we ever think before. It is integrated into conjunction with every CRM system. Management (CRM) program aids in fixing the credit score of businesses as well as individuals.

For Whom Is Credit Repair Cloud Made?

A credit repair company is an organization that can help you understand and repair your credit by analyzing your credit report and disputing inaccuracies with credit bureaus and creditors. Credit repair companies have the experience and knowledge to tackle credit issues that could be difficult to resolve on your own.

I have seen that creditors and lenders take advantage of people and I knew I could learn the process and help others fix their credit. By having this credit repair software now no more creditors and lenders will take advantage of real customers.

As no prior experience is required, just about anyone can do it. But it is best for the given following categories;

  • Realtors
  • Loan officers
  • Car sales
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Counselors

Real Estate & Car Sales Field: 

If you are a realtor then you could benefit from this software since you work in the field of helping buyers and sellers with their homes. Your client will need a good credit score to either refinance or purchase a property. Now when your client doesn’t get approved you will be able to fix their credit score and get them back on the closing table. The same thing goes for car sales reps! You want your client to get approved for the lowest interest rate and serve your potential customers with amazing service.


For any Entrepreneur, the main hurdles come that where I have to start. But I am sure that anyone can get this business to grow even if you’re a complete beginner. I was working a lot on this and had brought up the idea to a good buddy of mine that we can start to fix credit and help others financially. We didn’t hesitate to say yes and got the business going. 

Financial Counselors:

Credit counseling is financial advice from trained professionals. Credit counselors work for nonprofit agencies to give consumers resources that help them manage their money successfully so they get out of debt.

A credit counselor will force you to ask yourself if you really need that $9.99/month ($120 a year) Spottily account, or if could you get by with the ads that pop up in the free version. They will help you find other places in your budget where you could create some savings that could be applied to paying down your debt.

Nowadays I will recommend that everyone took Credit Repair Cloud’s Credit Hero Challenge and go ahead in the field of their own business.

How to Login Credit Repair Cloud Account?

Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of Credit Repair Cloud []

Step 2: After that, click on Login.

credit repair cloud login

Step 3: After that, enter your credit repair cloud registered Email or User Id and password.

Step 4: After filling, in all details, click on Login.

How To Recover/Get Your Credit Repair Cloud Password When You Forget It.

Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of Credit Repair Cloud []

Step 2: After that, click on Login.

Step 3: After that, click on Forgot Password?

Step 4: Enter your credit repair cloud registered Email and click on send password.

Step 5: After that, open your Email and check your credit repair cloud account password.

Why Credit Repair Cloud Is Awesome In The Market?

CRC is the best credit repair program on the market!

The CRC program is a great tool and easy to use and understand, the add-ons, bonus information, and guided explanations make it easy to navigate through the program and understand it. It does take time, patience, and trial and error but once you’ve got a good understanding of what’s needed you are on the road to exploring and improving other people’s credit.

Some of the main reasons are given below that prove why credit repair is best for all in the market.

  • Be your own boss and make a great living in the process.

We’ve taught thousands how to build a profitable life-changing credit repair business without any prior experience.

  • Level up your existing credit repair business.

Take your credit repair business to the next level when you use the same software and training as multi-million dollar credit repair businesses.

  • Double your income with an add-on service that is provided to you.

We’ll help you easily integrate credit repair as an additional service for your existing customers!

  • Increase your clients’ credit scores FAST for home, auto, or personal loan approvals in a very simple manner.

We provide step-by-step training and resources to get your client’s results FAST!

Credit Repair Cloud Pros & Cons

Even though lots of entrepreneurs are using this software for their own businesses, I’d like you to know some things that could need some work or some of the Credit Repair Cloud Pros & Cons.

This is a 100% legit business and has secured a prominent place in securing the financial career of thousands of people.It’s not a one-day affair scheme that you get rich in a quick time, so you must spend some time learning its basic skills. The great things are that you get free courses whenever you want.
If you are dedicated to your business then you can easily make $10,000-$20,000 per month.You need to spend a bit of time to enter this business and have some investment towards the goal. We were able to start with $300 total and grew organically.
Experience is not required at all.By involving in this business you have to handle the credit reports very carefully.
You are given a free trial to use the given platform.
The facility of Updated Training is available.

How Much Does Credit Repair Cost?

Credit Repair Cloud offers simple no-contract pricing starting at $179 per month. Their highest plan can go to $599 per month.

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There Are Some Options Through Which You Can Use The Platform Of Credit Repair Cloud.

OPTION-1 Free 30-Day-Trial:

Credit Repair Cloud Free Trail
Credit Repair Cloud Free Trail

Try the software for free for 30 days.

Give it an extensive test run.

There is no Initial charge for you to just try the software.

Sign up for their 30-day unlimited use trial

OPTION- 2 Take the Free Credit Repair Cloud Training:

This is a great option if you are still on the fence or if you just want to see if starting a credit repair business is for you. There is no obligation to purchase when you take the free training.

Sign up for their free online training webinar

OPTION- 3 Purchase the 4-week extensive Credit Repair Cloud Master class:

Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass
Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass

The cost for the six-week training is $997. This includes free use of the software for 6 months, all of the training, and live coaching. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for the Master class.

Sign up for the 4 week’s Master class training

OPTION- 4 The Credit Hero Challenge:

Credit Repair Cloud Hero Challenge
Credit Repair Cloud Hero Challenge 1

There is a one-time payment of $47 to join the 14-day Credit Repair Challenge.

You will get four workbooks in the mail and a certificate of completion when you finish the course. The training focuses on getting your business up and running within days.

Sign up for the 14-day Credit Hero Challenge

OPTION-5 By Paying Normal Monthly Pricing:

As you know that the use of the software is just $179 per month They do have advanced scaled packages that run up to $599 per month

NOTE: – Still not sure and want to learn more?

See our Full Review of the Credit Repair Cloud Master class. The class is very well worth it if you are onboarding as a new credit repair business owner.

We wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor as a business owner!

Will I Recommend CRC?

Yes, I strongly recommend this product because if you’re ready to hustle and really help others in ways you could not imagine. The feeling of getting a message from a client saying they can finally refinance or buy the car they wanted is the best feeling and never gets old. Credit Repair Cloud is only software so you still need to learn the laws and most important FCRA.

How To Join Credit Repair Cloud Free Training Sessions? 

Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of Credit Repair Cloud []

Step 2: After that, click on Free Trial.

Step 3: Enter your First name, last name, and email address, and select your country.

Step 4: After filling, in all details, click on create my account now.

Step 5: After creating your account, log into your credit repair cloud account and click on the go-to course.

In a Real Sense How Much Money Can A Credit Repair Cloud Specialist Make?

How much can you make as a credit repair Cloud business or agent? The industry standard is typically $79-$99 a month per client. You can make a great living with 50-100 clients with an average salary of $60,000-$100,000.

We charge $99 a month with a $79.99 startup fee. (Never charge your clients until you send out the first round of letters.)Want to see how much money you can make? Check out this calculator to see what your profits will be! 

Credit Repair Cloud Integrations:

Credit Repair Cloud can integrate with hundreds of apps using Zapier. Zapier allows the credit repair cloud to connect or link with other software that you use in your business such as Active Campaign, CRM, and Sales Funnels.

Credit Repair Cloud Integrations Zapier
Credit Repair Cloud Integrations Zapier

Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 Launched and now offers more features.

Currently, CRC is in the Inc. 5000 and 4.9/5 Stars with Trust Pilot. 

Credit Repair Cloud Reviews
Credit Repair Cloud Reviews From Trustpilot

Features and what’s New with Credit Repair Cloud 2.0

Credit Repair Cloud launches its all-new software CRC 2.0! Credit Repair Cloud software is one of the most diverse in the industry.

It’s not only software state-of-the-art, but it’s very intuitive and easy to use.

It’s also very handsome software. In your dashboard, you have a fully systemized and controlled customer relationship management tool.

As you that there are somewhere around 20 to 30 other credit repair software companies that have tried to emulate the Credit Repair Cloud software.

The software allows business owners to get right into the business with prebuilt credit repair websites and hosting. The beauty of the software is that everything is under one roof. The software helps owners to perform audits, look at all types of analytical data, create dispute letters, and fully manage their clients from top to bottom including progress, recommendations to help clients with a plan, and billing.

Here is a quick run-down of how to use the software and its features:

You can enter your new clients, get their credit reports, upload their reports to the software, and audit the reports to find and identify which negative items to dispute in no time at all. Then you use the dispute wizard to create disputes.

New Look and feel: A completely new redesigned, sleek, modern, and sexy look on the user interface front and backend. Credit reports are also now much more handsome and they are extremely easy to read and navigate anywhere and at any time.

Reedit Audit Improvements: Credit repair audits now come with a contemporary and modern look and feel so that it performs in a better way.

Cloud Mail: Cloud Mail is a revolutionary proprietary built-in module that allows users to print and mail letters automatically with just one click while tracking every single letter in real time.

With Cloud Mail, you can confidently process literally hundreds of dispute letters in less than a minute. All addresses are validated to ensure that they will be delivered to the correct address.

Custom Web Builder: Credit Repair 2.0 comes with an improved robust website builder where you can build a very attractive website for your business.

Credit Hero Score: Credit Hero Score is a credit monitoring system and is a proprietary add-on to the Credit Repair Cloud Software.

You can send a text or an email to a lead with one click and have them sign up for credit monitoring. Credit Hero Score boasts a very low price and very high affiliate payouts. Credit Repair Cloud users can even white-label (co-brand) the service for free!

Improved email Automation: With the new software, email automation and sequences are built-in and are super easy to use. Users can now also create lists and save their leads by syncing with the popular email platform “Active Campaign”.

Credit score simulator: This awesome feature allows you to see what will happen to your credit score based on certain steps and activities that you perform. For example, you can simulate what your score would be if you paid $7000 off on one of your credit cards. Or you can simulate your score if you get a credit line increase on one of your credit cards. This is a great feature and selling point for your clients.

Easier document integration Process: Users can now upload supporting documents, letters, paperwork, and clients’ identification much easier. It is also easier and more foolproof for the client themselves to upload documents.

Team chat Corner: A brand-new chat system is integrated with Credit Repair Cloud 2.0

Final Thoughts: The new software is definitely a push you in the right direction. The pricing has stayed the same as well as the old software.

Other Features: Users get batch printing, a scheduling system, an advanced invoicing system, payment integration, electronic signature capabilities, developer API, and lead capture from your website capabilities.

 30-day free trial: Clients are able to give it a try before they buy!

Credit Repair Cloud InfoGraphic:

By using credit repair cloud software you can easily grow your business at the most high level. Its functions are displayed in the form of a diagram.

Credit Repair Cloud Info Graphic
Credit Repair Cloud Info Graphic

Wrapping Up the Credit Repair Cloud Software:

Founder Daniel Rosen has developed an amazing software company. Daniel has over 20 years of experience in the credit repair industry. We believe this is a strong company that offers amazing training and mentorship to its users. They have a huge Facebook group with many experts’ brains to pick.

Allows you more time to concentrate on growing your business

Their entire system was developed to get people off the ground quickly by not having to worry about all the small details. The software because it’s so effective and the training helps free up a lot of your time so you can work on other things like marketing and scaling your business.

Business owners can get right down into the nuts and bolts of marketing and generating leads.

No experience? No problem!

Not only is the training fantastic for newbies but the entire system is an all-in-one package where ANYONE can start a credit repair business!

The system was developed so well that we feel even people without any experience and who are new to the industry can succeed.

So if you’re looking for a new opportunity to start your own home-based business, we feel that this platform is good for your business. The software is also very strong for people that have a lot of experience in the industry.


You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you jump in and it doesn’t feel right for you, you can get out. That’s a very nice safety net just in case.

Free training

On this platform, you will get a taste of what you will be getting into. In the training, you will learn how to generate leads and scale your business.

Credit Repair Cloud Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the best credit repair software for young professionals?

Credit Repair Cloud has been updating and always places the user on first priority. Through my dedicated research, I believe that Credit Repair Cloud is the best credit repair software for professionals in the market.

What to look for in your credit repair software search?

Some important following points are important which are mentioned below:
Bulk disputing
Dispute letter templates
CRM & integrations
Active support team

Do I need a Credit Repair Certification or license to start a new business?

No, as of right now you do not need any certifications or licenses, but it’s recommended to get the proper training through organizations such as the Credit Hero Challenge.

Is Credit Repair Cloud Legit at all?

Yes, this software is completely legit and I’ve been using this for my business every day. All you need to do is really go through all the free training the company offers or take their paid courses. On top of that, Credit Repair Cloud offers you a free 30-day trial and you can cancel anytime.

Is There a Credit Repair Cloud Phone Number to ask about any queries?

To speak to Credit Repair Cloud’s team, contact customer support at 800-944-1838.

Credit Repair Cloud Company Address

12517 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066.


                  Credit Repair Cloud Customer Service: 800-944-1838


Starting a Credit Repair Business can be very profitable, especially with software like Credit Repair Cloud. If you start this, you need to be ready to get a lot of “no’s” and a lot of people calling you a scam because of people who ruined the industry. The first step to becoming successful it’s to build a brand and trust with your audience.

Founder Daniel Rosen created the software to help individuals to automate their credit repair businesses in an easy fashion

Credit Repair Cloud has been a long-standing industry leader in helping entrepreneurs and individuals to start their own credit repair businesses.

The software is suited for experts that have been in the credit repair field and who have a new startup.

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