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Cryptocurrency Guide: How to Determine a Cryptocurrency’s Value

Did you know that 21 million Bitcoin can be mined in total today? While it states 21 million, what’s the true value of this amount? 

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency then you might be curious about how to determine the value of the different currency types. What should you look for and how will you know it’ll be successful? 

While all of this might seem confusing, we’re here to help! Read this cryptocurrency guide for a brief breakdown of determining the value of cryptocurrency.

What Determines the Cryptocurrency Value?

First, when taking a look at Bitcoin cash Price and other values, you’ll want to understand the technology behind it. Due to crypto being decentralized, the good news is that it’s almost impossible for it to be shut down.

Next, you have the node count. This is the measurement of how many active wallets are in a network. You can find this by searching on a homepage of a currency or on the internet. 

Search for the total market capitalization and the node count of the cryptocurrency price. Once you have that information, you can compare it with other cryptocurrencies. 

Further Understanding the Bitcoin Value

The value of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies comes down to the supply and the market demand for it. There’s also the number of competing cryptocurrencies as well. 

News developments can also make or break the current value. If there are any governing regulations, that can have an impact as well.

Production Costs

The price of crypto will also be determined by the cost of production. This comes down to the marginal cost as well.

Bitcoin and other crypto come down to the sum of the direct fixed costs for electricity and infrastructure. Bitcoin mining is where miners will compete to solve a complex math problem. The first miner will win a new Bitcoin and transaction fees. 

Will the Price of Bitcoin Increase?

Since Bitcoin is close to its maximum limit, it’s expected to go up in price. Due to a limited supply and increased demand you might find the price increase. If you’re looking to determine the cost of cryptocurrency, take the circulating supply and divide it by the market cap. 


When a fiat currency falls, the price of Bitcoin will increase. You’ll be able to buy more of the currency with your Bitcoin. Central banks are printing more money which keeps the interest rates low. 

Price Changes

Keep in mind that the price of a cryptocurrency can change fast. While this might feel overwhelming, the good news is that the level of volatility has gone down. 

A Cryptocurrency Guide on How to Determine Its Value

After exploring this cryptocurrency guide, you should have a better idea of how to determine the value of different cryptocurrencies. Be careful if you decide to invest since it still is volatile.

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