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Updated October 12, 2022 – Discover it Miles Credit Card: Lots of Travel Credit Card in this words but Discover it Miles Credit Card is one of the Best Travel Credit Card. The Discover it Miles card is a great credit card to earn travel reward points without having to pay an annual fee which is particularly beneficial for the first year. It’s a great card to earn travel rewards.

Discover it Miles Card is able to double all miles you earn during the first year, as anniversary gifts, and always comes with no foreign transaction charge alongside its zero annual fees, just like other Discover credit cards. The amount that’s doubled is obviously important as well and Discover it Miles offers 1.5 miles for every $1 spent on any purchase. This means that Discover’s anniversary gift for one year is a fantastic bargain. Even though its name could suggest that it isn’t however, Discover Miles actually offers a great deal. Miles provides excellent introductory financing terms too with 0% interest for up to 15 months for all new purchases and balance transfers for new cardholders. Then, they get regular APRs of 12.74 percent to 23.74 percent variable. 

The minimum credit score for this Discover credit card can be described similarly: good. You’ll need an average credit score of 700+ for a high chance of approval. Below, you’ll get a brief overview of the important points to take into consideration when you are considering applying for this Discover it Miles card.

Discover it Miles Credit Card Info

Discover it Miles Credit Card

Discover it Miles Credit Card
Discover it Miles Credit Card
Cash Advance FeeEither $10 or 5%
of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater
Cash Advance APR25.74% Variable
Foreign Transaction Fee0%
Smart ChipYes, chip-and-signature
Max Late Fee$41
Max Overlimit FeeSee Terms
Max Penalty APRNone

For serious miles to accrue through credit card purchases it is necessary to be put into juggling several credit cards that track bonus categories, as well as activating categories that change every quarter. If you’re looking for an easy alternative to consider, this Discover it Miles credit line is an excellent option to think about. It’s a cash-back credit card that’s the style of a travel credit card.

The card is able to earn 1.5 miles for each dollar spent on each purchase. It isn’t necessary to spend targeted in certain categories when using this credit card, however, it’s not able to offer the luxurious travel benefits and lucrative rewards that are offered by other competitors.

Discover makes up for the lack of perks by offering an added bonus that is credited at the end of your first year of being a cardholder. The points you accumulate through the year are doubled at the close of the initial year of card holdership increasing the number of rewards you earn during your first year. If you’re not the kind of person who travels the rewards are redeemable in cash for a similar amount, which is uncommon for a credit card advertised as a travel reward credit card.

Regular earning rate of decent

You’ll earn 1.5 miles for every $1 that you credit towards your Discover it Miles card. It’s a solid figure considering that the typical rewards card gives just 1.22 miles per dollar that you spend.

A great first-year promotional opportunity

Whatever number of miles you earn in the first year that your account is in existence, Discover will match it. Let’s say that the account earns 35,000 miles in the first year after your account was opened. Since the Discover points are just a penny each, that amount can be exchanged for $350 worth of travel. The match offered by Discover’s first year could give you another $350 making a total of $700. This isn’t too bad at all.

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Flexible booking

The way you book is important to numerous travel reward credit cards. They typically require you to utilize the website or service provider in order to be eligible for earning miles or points at the highest rate. However, this isn’t the situation when you use this card, the Discover it Miles card, however, which is fortunate enough. You can shop around to your heart’s content, and earn points with the same rates regardless of the location you choose to book.

No annual cost

Discover it Miles card is a great way to earn miles. Discover it Miles card is A year’s cost of $22 less than the typical credit card and also cheaper than many of the top travel rewards offers. In the end, you should be aware that it’s your expected reward value, minus any fees, that is what counts.

Decent 0% intro offer

With 0% interest for 15 months on all new purchases as well as balance transfers and balance transfers, the Discover it Miles credit card’s promotional offers for financing, in the beginning, are quite more favorable than the average. This doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice to do the job, far away from that, however, you’ll need to pay credit where it is due. Keep in mind it’s true that the Discover it Miles balance transfer feature comes with an intro 3% balance transfer fee and a 5% up to 5% on subsequent balance transfer (see the conditions)*. When the initial promotion is over, a higher APR regular rate will begin to apply.

Possibility of enormously high-interest rates

The average APR on this Discover it Miles card could vary between 12.74 percent to 23.74% variable. The lower end of Discover it Miles APR compares well with the average of credit cards with good credit.

Good credit is required

The majority of people require an excellent credit score in order to qualify for this Discover it Miles card, which can be a challenge for roughly 60% of prospective applicants.

Discover Credit Card Pros & Cons


  • Discover it Miles earned during the first year are matched at the end of the year in place of a traditional welcome bonus
  • Discover it Miles can be redeemed for travel or cash back at the same rate
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • No annual fee
  • First-year rewards get doubled


  • Discover is not accepted widely abroad
  • No luxury travel perks

Earning Rewards

Discover Rewards makes earning rewards simple through its Discover it Miles Credit Card. Cardholders earn 1.5 miles for every dollar spent on each purchase. It’s equivalent to earning 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases, after the redemption of Miles towards travel purchases or cash back. The limit is not set on the number of miles earned.

Although it’s not likely to be the most reliable card to suit each person’s individual consumption habits, this easy reward structure which doesn’t need the keeping track of or activates bonus categories is perfect for people who do not wish to put in the effort.

Cardholders also enjoy an unlimited match on all miles they earn at the close of the first year. This can be very beneficial to users who intend to use the card extensively during the initial year. If you close the card prior to the expiration of the year won’t qualify the cardholder for the Mile-for mile Match.

No blackout dates for flights, and Miles don’t expire on this card. Rewards can be applied towards travel or can be redeemed for cash. The miles won’t disappear with account closing. They are automatically converted into cash.

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Redeeming Rewards

When 1 Mile is accumulated and redeemed, it can be used to cash in the form of electronic deposits to a savings or checking account at a financial institution, or for a credit on a statement towards purchases made on a vacation. Both options are worth one millimeter. The eligible travel purchase is purchases made within the last 180 days of commercial airline tickets, hotel rooms, cruises, car rentals, tours, and vacations booked via travel agencies, airlines, or online travel sites. the local commuter and suburb transport including ferries; passenger railways; taxicabs, limousines; as well as tours and charter bus lines. Must have been purchased within the last 180 calendar days.

The Miles will never expire on this card. Discover credits the card with the balance of the rewards in the event that it’s shut down or not used for the past 18 months.

Rewards Potential

To evaluate the rewards potential for the Discover it(r) Miles card we must look at the amount the typical American household would spend. Forbes Advisor uses data from different government agencies to calculate the income of the base and spending figures across various categories. The 70th percentile of households that earn a wage earn $100,172 per year and we calculate spending based on this figure.

Forbes Advisor estimates that the family in the example has $26,410 worth of expenses that could be easily transferred to a credit card. With 1.5 milliliters per dollar on every purchase, The it(r) Miles card from Discover it(r) Miles credit card could earn 39,615 miles a year. The miles could be worth $396.15 for travel, or cash back. This amount will be added to the beginning of the year instead of as a welcome bonus.

Benefits of the Discover it® Miles

  • No minimum redemption amount
  • Flexible redemption options
  • A bonus offer with no limit
  • A generous 0% APR period
  • No foreign transaction fees

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Discover it Miles Credit Card FAQ

  1. What is the Discover it Miles foreign transaction fee?

    If you are using in travel Discover it Miles Credit Card, No foreign transaction fee. This means there are 0% extra charges when using the card for international purchases, either in person or online.

  2. What’s the Discover it Miles credit score requirement?

    Discover it Miles credit score requirement 700+

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