ETH to NANO Exchange

ETH to NANO Exchange. Step by step Guide

The advancement of modern technologies has dramatically changed the way people live and interact. It is difficult to imagine the world without the Internet, and its influence is evident in all aspects of life. The trading and marketing world undoubtedly is tightly connected to the Internet. International trading has triggered the creation of digital money to facilitate the interaction between various countries. Thus cryptocurrencies are founded. Cryptocurrency, unlike real money, has decentralized governance. A certain organization or country does not own them. The circulation supply in the marker decides the value of cryptocurrency. High circulation indicated the popularity of certain cryptocurrency, Most cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology. It means each transaction on the platform makes up a unique block. Transactions are done through individual computing systems. Hacking is almost impossible for such cryptosystems. Many crypto exchanges also use peer-to-peer technology. What does it mean? During the transaction, only two parties are present. There is no third party integrated into the process to save the data. If the data is not saved, it greatly decreases the chances of hacking. Eth and Nano are well-known currencies. If you want to exchange ETH to Nano, this article may be helpful. 

How Does Ethereum Function?

Ethereum is one of the famous and beneficial currencies that are worthy of investing in. It is an open-source network launched in 2020.  2021 was the most successful year for this currency since it reached the highest point of its success. Owing to its user-friendly interface and neatly-organized features, this is an ideal option for professional and new investors. After BTC, ETH is considered the second leading currency in the market. The recent downs of BTC, give high chances to ETH to take the main role in the market. Unlike BTC, which allows for the investment of a limited number of coins, ETH supply is unlimited. This is one of the advantages of Ethereum, which attracts investors the most. Like many other cryptocurrencies, ETH has decentralized governance. ETH uses Proof-of-Stake technology, which means bank-owned services control the currency. The market circulation of ETH was over 118 million at the end of the previous year. 

What is NANO cryptocurrency?

Nano currency allows the transactions to be safely transferred to the other partner. It also has decentralized management and may serve as an open-source network. It was launched in 2015. Its founder was Colin LeMahieu. Initially, it was named RaiBlocks, renamed Nano in 2018. This happened when the currency was hacked and lost popularity among the users. NANO is the first currency that used directed acyclic graphs. The low transaction fee and energy-efficient technology make this platform attractive for the users. 

How to Do ETH to NANO exchange?

Following the below-stated steps, you may easily convert one currency to another. 

  • Find and register on the most profitable platform,
  • After registration, having an online wallet is required, 
  • On the exchange field, pick the crypto that you want to exchange, 
  • Identify the currency that you want to convert to, 
  • Mention the address of the online wallet that should get the converted coins, 
  • By clicking on the “Send” button, you will complete the transaction process. 

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