Global Refund Group Review

Global Refund Group Review 2023: 6 Things to Know

You should get to know any company you deal with before you seek out their services. That’s why our team has taken an in-depth look at one such chargeback company in our Global Refund Group review. We’ll answer the critical questions you should be asking when choosing a company to help get your money back from online investment scammers.

We’ve found who they are, what they do, and how well their system works. Overall, we’d say that Global Refund Group is among the best choices if you require a chargeback to recover funds from an online scam. If our Global Refund Group review hasn’t answered all of your questions, you can always reach out to their team to fill in the blanks!

1.     Who’s Behind Global Refund Group?

Global Refund Group is based right here in the USA in New York. Their team focuses primarily on getting money back from online investment scams that try to defraud traders by offering cryptocurrency, forex, and CFDs for sale. It’s not easy to try to claw money back from anonymous scammers, but Global Refund Group gets it done.

They go a step further and even participate in scam prevention. You can read all about different types of scams and how to avoid them on their website. The ongoing blacklist of known scams also helps people identify when they’re being taken advantage of before it’s too late. Victims can report their own experiences to help expand the list.

2.     How Do I Know I Can Trust Them?

To trust any company, you need to know that you can have open and honest communications with them. It’s easy to get a hold of Global Refund Group. In another Global Refund Group review, we found that they have dedicated lines for the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, the countries where most investment scam victims reside.

We feel that victims are also able to trust Global Refund Group because they offer free consultations. Disreputable companies will often demand a deposit right away, just like the scams that took their money in the first place. The representatives at Global Refund Group are more than happy to answer any questions and make sure your case is a good fit for free before moving forward.

3.     Can They Get My Money Back?

Of course, your top priority as a scam victim is going to be the results. Can they get your money back from the scammers? Our Global Refund Group review seems to say that they can. We took a look at their key performance indicators and have been surprised by just how effective their team has been so far!

Global Refund Group successfully recovers funds for 97% of the cases they handle, far above industry standards. In total, that’s over 2 million that they’ve brought back for their clients. There’s no question about it. Global Refund Group is a highly effective chargeback company.

Numbers are one thing, but context matters too. Our Global Refund Group review took a closer look. In general, Global Refund Group is handling large cases where victims have lost substantial funds. This is different from most chargeback companies which focus on the much easier recovery of small sums. If you’ve lost a lot of money to online scams, Global Refund Group has the best track record for helping victims like you.

4.     How Is Global Refund Group Different From Other Chargeback Companies?

So, they’re clearly doing something different to achieve such great success rates for their clients, but what exactly? Our team dived into this matter during our Global Refund Group to see just what it is that sets this company apart.

Of course, their operations are a critical part of their success. Many chargeback companies are truly out of their league, basically operating boiler rooms with untrained staff, hoping that sheer volume makes up for it.

Global Refund Group has an entirely different approach. Instead of focusing on volume, they focus on accuracy and results. They have a team of experts, not whoever they can find off the street to answer a phone, and the difference shows in the results their clients receive.

5.     Global Refund Group Review – What’s Behind Their Success?

At its core, Global Refund Group’s success in recovering funds from online investment scams comes from its expert team. Their team members come from professional backgrounds in banking, finance law, and cybersecurity. With all of these unique skill sets, they make quick work of handling scammers.

Thanks to years of working with this highly skilled team, Global Refund Group has put in place a very efficient system. While there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that’s a bit too technical for most to understand without experience in the industry, the basics of the system follow four simple steps.

1.      To see if your case can be successful, they carry out an initial consultation—for free!

2.      They gather the required documents for putting through your chargeback

3.      Contacting scammers to show payment processors that they’ve tried to settle things

4.      Filing the chargeback and waiting for your refund to come in

By following these steps, Global Refund Group has achieved an incredible success rate for its clients so far.

 Can Global Refund Group Help Me Today?

If you want to know if Global Refund Group can take your case in particular, you can call them today for your free consultation.

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