How to Convert .WAB to .CSV without Outlook Express

The.WAB is a file extension for universal Windows bases of personal data (name, email, phone, address, etc.). They are created using Windows Address Book but are accessible for many Office applications, Outlook Express, in particular.

The. CSV is an even more universal file format. Due to simple encoding, it’s used in almost all databases under all OS. .WAB is often converted to .CSV, particularly with Outlooktransfer.com – email conversion software. This widens its field of use. The most common .WAB to .CSV converter is Outlook Express, but this functionality is undocumented and breaks the Windows Address Book folder structure during conversion. So some better ways are needed.

1.  Data Extraction Kit by Outlook Transfer

Probably, the easiest and most flexible way to convert to .CSV. It’s a special application for Windows email data extraction in a family of programs for migration to Outlook. It allows:

  • to keep a folder structure of output data,
  • to filter data types, including empty email subjects,
  • to create different databases for administrators and managers,
  • to form high-quality, almost individual reports for any case,
  • to fix the character issues of file and folder names,
  • to convert MSG, RTF, TXT, EML, TNEF, HTML, MHT, VCF, VCS, ICS, and PDF and to these formats.
  • To convert your data, follow these steps:
  • Import your .WAB using the Outlook button.
  • Arrange your conversion settings with a flexible interface.
  • Go to Reports > Email properties.
  • Choose an extraction folder and a file name, and submit conversion.

Attention! The .WAB files are hidden by default. Check if you can see the hidden files and extensions: in the explorer, the hidden files icons are semi-transparent. If you can’t see them:

  • Go to System Start > Control Panel.
  • In a dialogue window, choose Folder Options; in the next form, select the View tab.
  • Check Show hidden files, folders, and drives and uncheck the Hide protected operating system files.
  • Submit the changes.

2.  Windows Live Mail by Microsoft

Live Mail is a Windows-native email client, a free and light personal alternative to Outlook, not tightly integrated into Office. Since 2016, Windows Live and its sibling Windows Mail have successfully replaced Outlook in non-business areas. Live Mail determines. EDB is the main file type. But due to the added Outlook functionality, you can fluently convert .WAB to .CSV too. It’s a long way, but still simple if you do it step by step.

How to use

  • Import .WAB to Live Mail.
    • Find Windows Contacts on the left pane; it will call a menu on the top of the window.
    • Select Import > Windows Address Book (.WAB).
    • Browse a .WAB file you need, open it, and press OK to finish importing.
  • Export to a .CSV file.
    • Go to Tools > Windows Contacts.
    • Select Export in the top toolbar.
    • Click the CSV (Comma Separated Values) checkbox.
    • Press Export.
    • Type a file name and select a folder to save the file.
    • Click Save and Next.
    • In the next window, select all fields that have to be included in your .CSV file. Choose the Name field instead of the separate First Name and Last Name.
    • Finish exporting.

3.  Windows Contacts by Microsoft

Windows Contacts is a contact manager, a direct descendant of Windows Address Book in Vista and younger OS versions. So Contacts inherited almost all the Address Book functionality. Its main format is XML-based .CONTACT, but import and export of both .WAB and .CSV are supported.

How to use

  • Import a .WAB file to Windows Contacts.
    • Open up an application. If there is no icon on the desktop and Default programs, you may use one of two ways (depending on the Windows version).
      • Go to System Start and look for Windows Contacts in the Search files and programs field.
      • Or press the Win + R keys on a keyboard to call an Execute window, type “wab.exe” in the proper field, and click OK.
    • In the Windows Contacts, go to the main toolbar > Import.
    • In a dialogue form, select Windows Address Book File (Outlook Express Contacts) and click Import.
    • Next, browse your .WAB file and open it.
  • Export a .CSV file from Windows Contacts:
    • Select Export in the main toolbar.
    • In a Select dialog form, choose CSV (Comma Separated Values) and press Export.
    • On a CSV dialog box, browse a folder to save your file and type the file name.
    • Check the labels for the data types. On Windows Contacts, you can export first and last names separately.
    • Approve exporting.

These are 3 proper ways to convert .WAB to .CSV. Using them, you can rest assured of your data safety during conversion and its correct proceeding during a new email client use. If you find more ways or more quality applications to do it, share them with the community, they will be highly appreciated.

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