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How to Find Reliable Investment Services like Mulland Fraser on LinkedIn

As the cost-of-living crisis seems to be spiraling out of control all around the world, it is more important than ever to surround yourself with a level of expertise. People have found themselves seeking help from financial advisors, as they are the minority that wants to help everyone as much as they possibly can. There are plenty of people out there that would like to think that they are in the top brackets when it comes to the quality of work they can offer and the overall customer satisfaction level that they receive in return. However, this does not seem to be the case for a lot of people and they are left disappointed with what is available to them. Read on to find out how you can find a reliable investment service like Mulland Fraser on LinkedIn. 

Leverage your network with services like Mulland Fraser

The beauty of LinkedIn is that you are able to connect with a large number of professionals in a short space of time. All you have to do is go to your recommended connections and press a button. After this, you can spark up a business relationship through one simple message. Even if the person you are messaging isn’t a financial service advisor, you can always ask them the question of whom they would recommend. If you are a well-established financial service such as Mulland Fraser, this is also a great form of word-of-mouth marketing and shows that you are doing a good enough job that people are happy to recommend you. Whether it be your 1st, 2nd or even 3rd connections, ensure that you are exploring your LinkedIn. 

Search for individuals 

When you are deciding to entrust your financial information to someone, you have to make sure that this person is someone that you will trust and more importantly feel comfortable with them. LinkedIn is a great tool to use to find someone that you think you can trust as you can gain first-hand insight into their profile and really grasp a basic understanding of what they are like as a professional and a person. Look at their professional biography and analyze if this is the type of experience that you are looking for. Have you looked at their interests and passions? Do you both enjoy the same activities? Knowing this information makes the whole process a lot easier and will help both parties in the business relationship. Be cautious that if you want face-to-face meetings, you must narrow down your search to make this a possibility. 

Use advanced search 

Advanced search is a great feature that is included in the LinkedIn algorithm, as it allows you to use any number of keywords to ensure that you are finding the best possible candidate for your search. Keywords could include fiduciary, Certified Financial Planner, NAPA advisor, fee-only, fee-based, FPA advisor, or fee-only financial advisor. A running theme in the LinkedIn platform is that people will give themselves unique names in order to stand out from the crowd, so trying to find a ‘financial advisor can be difficult. The advanced search takes all of this confusion away and helps you get one step closer to working with a financial service that you can trust. 

Reach out 

Once you have gone through all of these routes and managed to find a number of potential candidates that you would like to work with to sort out your financial assets, the next part is the most important; Reach out. Although this may seem like a silly suggestion, there are a number of people that are too shy or convince themselves that they don’t need this service, thus, making the whole process useless and negatively affecting them in the future.

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