Student Budget and Manage to Save Money

How to Live on a Student Budget & Manage to Save Money

Undoubtedly, student life is considered to be the happiest period of our lives. Nevertheless, this period has its own disadvantages and struggles. Some of them are the high price of education along with everyday expenses. For those who are short of money, student life might be a nightmare.

Besides budget issues, students face other struggles, which are finals, debts, and never-ending assignments like writing essays. If you want to simplify your student life, ask for help from an academic essay writer at EssayPro, and within a short period of time, you will have your work done. Thus, you can focus on issues of vital importance, like making money.

So what can you do in case you live on a low budget, have no source of income, and have no rich parents, but you still want to live your life to its fullest? How to afford to pay for your education, travel, go to parties, and cover all expenses on your own? All the answers lie in this article. So let’s go into the details!

Pass on Eating Out

Of course, you want to eat quickly without wasting energy on cooking at home. But students usually spend a lot of money on going out to eat. Even if you eat in the canteen, it will be more expensive than cooking something at home and packing a lunch. 

Living without your parents is a great reason to learn how to cook. 

When you are doing your best at university, you use a lot of effort and energy. Thus, you need to consume more food. That’s why it is very hard to stop yourself when you know that you can buy some delicious food in a cafe or canteen. To avoid spending money on small snacks during the day, take your lunch with you from home. In addition, you can learn how to bake cookies so that they can be a pleasant addition to the homemade lunch.

Saving on Utilities

This is particularly true of those who live in an apartment, not a dormitory. What you can do is turn off all electrical appliances and electrical equipment before you leave home and, for example, don’t use a TV just for the background noise. Also, you can go to the library or cafe to study on your laptop, to save electricity at home. 

When washing dishes, wait until all your dishes are dirty and only then clean them all at once and don’t leave the water on just running.

Try to find someone to share the room or apartment. This will allow you to not only save your money but have someone with whom you can become friends, spend the brightest moments of studentship, and who will support you in your worst times. 

Use Free Apps

Many iPhone users are willing to pay for apps and subscriptions. If you want to save money, try to stick to free online services or use analogs of the necessary applications. 

In addition, there are some very useful apps that can help you to track your cash flow and save money. Here are some popular apps you can use:

  • Monefy
  • Splitwise
  • Fast Budget 
  • MoneyStats

Exercise at Home

A gym membership and personal trainers can cost you a lump sum. If you go to YouTube, you can find plenty of free videos and online courses designed to help you to achieve whatever fitness goal you have. Go for a run in the morning to the park or forest, ride a bike, buy used equipment, or ask your friends to share it with you and do some exercises at home or outside.

Say “No” to Impulsive Purchases

Sometimes we walk past a clothing store and notice a new collection of dresses or shoes, and something in our head tells us to buy it immediately. Usually, one ends up spending all their scholarship money on useless stuff and later on regretting everything. In order to prevent it, first, if you really want that new dress, wait some time until it has a lower price. 

Second, don’t take a big amount of money with you when going somewhere. Third, give thrifting a shot. Sure, the clothes there are not brand new, but if you are on a really low budget, it is not the worst way out. Besides, thrift stores often offer unique items, sometimes even designer ones, for a very low price.

In addition, you are provided with one cool advantage – the annual Entertainment Book. It is an entire book of discounts valid for one year. Importantly, there are many editions of this book, and you can buy your own set of coupons for a particular state or even city. Another advantage is that they not only offer real savings but also introduce you to new places you might not have known about.

Rethink Your Grocery Shopping

Once you’ve come to buy groceries, make sure to buy everything you need and fill in the pantry so that you don’t need to go to the store once more. After all, buying in bulk is much more beneficial. Besides, if you live with someone, it is going to be even cheaper.

Another thing you can do to save money is to buy frozen products. Of course, it’s much healthier to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. But not for all produce! For example, frozen broccoli contains much more vitamins and nutrients. And the main advantage of frozen products is that they can be stored much longer, and therefore you can spend less money on them.

There is also one more detail you should take into account. Usually, people automatically think that expensive goods are of better quality. But luxurious doesn’t mean the best. You can find similar products of the same quality at a lower price.

Never shop for groceries when you are hungry. Otherwise, you will waste all the money you have. When people are hungry, they tend to buy more than they need. That’s why before going to the store, you should have a little snack or, better, write a grocery list and stick to it.

Find a Job

Besides saving on everything, you need to find an extra source of income, which is a job. Of course, it is very hard to find a full-time job that you can combine with studying. That’s why you need to find at least some part-time job with a reasonable salary. Nowadays, there are a bunch of new workplaces for students. 

You can try remote work, working as a waiter or barista, and choose any shifts according to your schedule. If you are good at playing any musical instrument, you know several languages, or are good at any other subject and are keen on teaching someone, you can become a tutor.


Create a List of Needs and Desires 

What you need and what you want are different things. You might not be able to afford a luxurious journey to Hawaii, but you can plan a perfect trip even around your city, which will be cheaper and just as exciting. Make a list of what you need – clothes, food, hygiene products, etc., and only then of what you want. First, get what you need, and then, if the budget allows, buy what you really want.

Summing Up

We hope this article was useful for you and you will follow all the advice. No doubt, it is very hard to live on a student budget. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you need to deny yourself the things that bring you happiness and satisfaction, for example, a packet of your favorite cookies and tea that can lift your mood and give you energy after a hard uni day. But remember figuring out how to live on a student budget is the first step to becoming a mature, responsible adult.

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