How to Manage Finances Using Cryptocurrency

How to Manage Finances Using Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has managed to gain immense popularity over the past few years. You may not know it, but the number of blockchain wallet users has jumped up to a whopping figure of 83.4 million.

Making payments and managing finances more efficiently is the primary reasons behind the creation of cryptocurrency. While the media only focuses on the price hikes and market crashes of different crypto coins, the main reason is often lost in discussing those things. No doubt, it is important to keep a check on the prices of cryptocurrency, but it is essential to know how to spend crypto and how to manage finances with it.

So, let’s get to it. 

How Is Crypto Changing Everyday Finances?

The global financial system of the world serves billions of dollars and moves trillions of dollars in a day. However, the fiat financial system is rife with different problems that consist of several issues such as transaction fees, payment delays, and a constant risk of crime and fraud. Due to worldwide inflation, regulatory costs continue to climb with every passing day and remain a top concern for bankers worldwide.

That said, the creation and emergence of crypto are putting a stop to such problems and are changing everyday finances. Crypto reduces the friction and costs that are involved in transactions and streamlines matters for individuals as well as businesses. It is a real game changer that supports models of peer-to-peer mass collaboration.

With crypto, you can easily make payments whether or not your favorite brand accepts direct crypto payments – you can simply choose store gift cards from Coingate and purchase it with cryptocurrency.

How to Make a Payment With Cryptocurrency?

At the beginning of the crypto era, people had to dive into the command line on their computers and program transactions. However, the process has become simplified now and is similar to sending and receiving the money to and from bank accounts.

To acquire crypto, it’s not necessary to have an account with any company or institution, and any regulated cryptocurrency exchange will allow you to exchange money for cryptocurrency.

However, to make crypto payments, you will be required to have a crypto wallet application. It can either be installed on your computer or smartphone and acts as an interface to access your crypto.

For sending payments using your crypto wallet, you need to enter the amount you wish to send, the QR code, or the wallet address of the recipient, and then click on the send button. Similarly, to receive a payment, you will be required to share your QR code or wallet address with the person who’s sending you the payment.

Where Can You Pay With Cryptocurrency?

Despite gaining significant popularity, cryptocurrency still isn’t regulated worldwide, and many countries have banned it as well. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to pay for different goods and services.

While many renowned companies have started to accept crypto as a direct payment method via crypto payment gateways, some of these notable companies include Microsoft, Paypal, and even Tesla. Hence, making payments at such companies that accept crypto as a direct payment method won’t be a hassle at all.

On the flip side, companies, and brands that don’t accept crypto directly still accept gift card payments. That said, many different authentic sites allow you to purchase gift cards with a crypto wallet which simplifies the process of paying with crypto. These gift cards can then be redeemed online or in-store for making payments.

Pros and Cons of Paying With Cryptocurrency

Below are the pros and cons of making payments with cryptocurrency.

Very less fees involvedHighly volatile nature of crypto
No hidden chargesNot entirely regulated
Complete anonymityNon-reversible payments
Available to everyoneNo authority to resolve disputes
Freedom of making payments from anywhereRisk of loss

How to Manage Finances Using Cryptocurrency?

As explained above, crypto was created so that it could help people in managing their finances more efficiently. Even though that purpose is not entirely fulfilled, it is possible to manage finances using cryptocurrency to a great extent.

Crypto wallets can be created that can store the public and private keys for crypto transactions. These wallets can then be used to pay vendors accepting crypto directly. Other than that, you can also use the wallets to purchase gift cards which can then be redeemed online or in-stores to purchase your favorite items.


All in all, cryptocurrencies have managed to create a firm ground in the finance system, and with each passing day, their adaptation and popularity tend to increase even more. Taking into account the success of crypto, it won’t be wrong to assume that they hold the potential to change the entire financial system and make it more efficient in the years to come.

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