In 2022, Best Documentaries About Bitcoin and Crypto

The crypto market is further unstable and unexpected. Due to its high volatility, trading with it is risky. Most of the people were those who made huge profits in no time by trading crypto and while some faced huge losses in just a few hours. If you have recently ventured into the cryptocurrency market then you should have a thorough knowledge of it before you start trading with it. One of the best ways to get a complete overview of crypto market analysis and trends is through online videos. Looking at them, there are many available that you can watch, and these documentaries about cryptocurrency can help give your insight for 2022. Aside from documentaries, people can also check facts and tips if they click here.

Here are the top 5 bitcoin and crypto documentaries:

With so several documentaries on cryptocurrency and BTC in the market, it can be a bit arduous for new traders to select the best-going one. Here we have listed our top recommendations about the movies that you can easily watch in 2022.

1. Open-Source Money

If you are new and looking for a documentary, this is one of the top picks. However, it was started at the end of the year 2022. But if seen, it has provided a lot of information to help you with cryptocurrency trading. It hereby discusses the roadblocks and the rise of crypto in the United States. It honors a technologist who is the best in blockchain technology. Generally speaking, all the directors of this documentary, Seraphine, JD, are known for their work, Serious. If seen, it was released in the year 2022, yet it is considered to be the most popular among people trading in the crypto market.

2. Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know

As you know, the money used by us is controlled by all the governments around the world. However, if we talk about bitcoin, the market has changed a lot since its release. Since there is no control of any bank or government on cryptocurrencies, there is no rule of any kind for it. And that’s why you try to figure out how blockchain technology is making disclosures about how it works. If you want to know the full details about the origin of bitcoin and how it can work then you have an award-winning movie called “Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know” which has detailed documentation about it.

3. Banking on Bitcoin

This narrative was delivered on the famous web-based feature Netflix in the year 2016 and coordinated by Christopher Kannusiri. It is presented as a series in which you can get complete information about cryptocurrency. It is also likewise to show how the web is being formed by bitcoin. As you watch this narrative, you will gradually start to comprehend the cryptographic money market. If you are new to crypto trading, then this documentary can be especially useful for you.

4. Blockchain City

If you want to see what impact cryptocurrency can bring to your life, then this documentary might be of use to you. This is a nearly 40-minute documentary that explains how cryptocurrencies are being adopted by cities. And this movie also tells how you can innovatively use blockchain technology. If we talk about blockchain, it is considered very strong, and this movie explains how easily we can embed it in our daily work. This movie can be very useful for experienced and beginner cryptocurrency users, it is in encompassing manner shared on multiple forums and websites.

5. Crypto Rush

If you want to get real-time information about the crypto industry then this documentary can be useful for you. It allows experts, hackers, journalists, and others to be interviewed about cryptocurrencies and other related aspects. It is directed and co-written by Liliana Perteneva. This documentary can be easily understood and at the same time, it is very easy to relate to it. Hence, it is highly rated by people in the cryptocurrency industry.

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