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The best online betting payment option

The online gambling industry has become so fiercely competitive over the last few years that successful bookies are always looking for new and unique ways to get one over the competition. This could be done by releasing the latest promotion that gives new players a free bet, or it could be a brand new coupon that increases the chances of you winning. Other popular promos used by sportsbooks include risk-free bets, cashback, enhanced odds, and profit boosts.

Other tricks of the trade for a bookie wishing to make a name for themselves include 24/7 customer service, a link between online and in-store betting, and quicker withdrawals of your winnings. The rush to be first with the latest benefit extends to how you pay for your bets, with the leading betting apps from California to Las Vegas giving their members options. Most sites accept debit card payments, including Mastercard and VISA, and e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Making it easier to pay for your bets and receive winnings in a secure and timely fashion has become the industry’s latest trend, with the top firms battling to outdo each other and be the first, fastest, and most secure. That’s ideal for bettors as they are now spoiled for choice and can insist on the VIP treatment from their online bookie. But which payment method is the best for those after a rapid and secure transfer of cash, one that protects your privacy while ensuring deposits are in your betting account or winnings back in your bank without delay.

Finding the answer to that question isn’t always easy, especially with hundreds of sportsbooks spending millions on marketing campaigns to convince you that their method is the one you want. In this article, we have enlisted the help of a sports betting expert who explains the payment method we should all be using for gambling and why it stands head and shoulders above the other options.

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Choose a debit card

There are many fast and convenient ways to add funds to your online betting account, including debit cards, e-wallets, cash, and even Bitcoin. But debit cards are the best way to deposit and withdraw. There are a number of reasons for this, including security, speed, and promotions such as the free bets offered to new customers and the recurring deals set up for existing players.

Debit cards are the go-to payment option for bettors because they grant you access to bonuses. Read the terms and conditions attached to a bookies’ welcome offer, and you will notice it says in the stipulations that only debit card deposits qualify for the free bet. That means, even if you intend to use PayPal or Bitcoin in the future, it’s always best to make your first deposit using a debit card. You can then add funds, place bets, and enjoy the new customer-free bet that will be dropped into your account.

Bookies allow customers to add more than one payment method to their account, providing everything is in your name and registered to your address. This makes it easier to manage your money and control the amount you are spending on gambling over a set period of time. Our advice is that no matter which payment method you decide to go with for your bets, it’s worth having your debit card paired with your betting account.

The reason most apps don’t accept deposits from e-wallets when you first register and place your opening sportsbook gamble is due to past misuse. Some players had deposited using an e-wallet account to qualify for the free bet, which they would then use and claim their original deposit back. This type of scam isn’t possible with a debit card, and that’s why bookies prefer you to use this option.

Improvements are being made

To help encourage bettors to gamble using their debit cards, improvements are being made to the service. This includes speeding up the time it takes for winnings to be transferred back to your bank card. In the past, withdrawals to a debit card took between 3-5 working days, but how many transactions are instant. Deposits have always been instant, and this is great as it allows you to add funds and place bets without delay.

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