Top 5 Bitcoin Exchange in USA

Top Five Bitcoin Exchange Platform in the USA

As for now, we are accustomed to operating in exchange houses, creating centralized exchanges between different cryptocurrencies. Which makes it convenient for us to convert digital assets into fiat money & conversely.

In the exchange category, it is appropriate to diversify between the selling & buying platforms where we can interchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies. And trading platforms provide us to speculate live & tools for real-time operations for technical price analysis. In varieties of platforms, few are smaller, larger, centralized, decentralized, and global exchanges. In crunch time it is relevant to say that they have the function of promoting exchange in a simple hassle-free manner.

Well, primarily there are many globally working platforms but for US citizens, there are many platforms restricted due to some regulatory grounds. But then many different exchanges were registered with the USFCEN to follow all relevant US laws. 

So, the Top Five Bitcoin exchange platforms for US citizens are: –


It is the globally largest crypto exchange platform next to Binance. Founded by Coinbase Global Inc. in San Francisco, California (2012). Having a large reputed community of 68 million+ verified users, across 100 countries. Coinbase provides 139 different crypto coins and 402 different pairs giving a super-interactive interface for beginners too. On its edge, it offers a Coinbase visa debit card useful for buying goods and services using crypto.

Demerits are that they charge substantially higher trading fees than global exchanges. And isn’t having technical charts & indicators for professional traders.

So for these issues, Coinbase Pro has been introduced specifically for Professional traders or investors with an advanced technical user interface along with charts & indicators. Offers a lower exchange fee of 0.5% transaction value and more crypto token pairs of about 400+ and with 139 different crypto coins for trading. Today’s Bitcoin price at Coinbase is $34,576.94.


It is one of the best exchanges in the world and this platform FTX.US is specially dedicated to US citizens agreeing to all security norms. And is available for US residents except for New York state. It has high liquidity, supporting 24 tokens and 53 different pairs. The trading fees are about 0.1% of the market maker & 0.4% market taker of the transaction value. It produces around 600 million$ of trading volume about every 24 hours. This also offers technical charts & indicators for professionals and is apt for beginners too. Improving the accessibility, it offers an SOL NFT marketplace, and OTC platform all with no fees & a wallet to sell & buy. Blockfolio is a great mobile app for trading. Demerits are that they have way more limitations than’s original website. 


It’s a strong adversary for being the primary substitute for Coinbase. It excels all the other exchanges by volume of trade and by the number of cryptocurrencies provided. It charges trading fees of 0.1% of transaction value and 0.075% when using BNB, but is lower than the fees of Coinbase/Coinbase pro. It has high liquidity, supporting 64 tokens and 132 different pairs. Also offers trading view charts & indicators and is legit for both beginners & professionals. It is available across 43 states in the USA excluding Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Texas, Vermont, Idaho, and Louisiana. Offers a super smooth interface both for sell/buy. Today’s Bitcoin price at Binance is $35,653.68.


It was found in Hong Kong (2016). And this has a wide variety of different traits. This exchange is available in 49 States of the USA & 150+ countries and over 10 million cybernauts. The exchange offers 160 different coins trading with over 267 different pairs. As a user, one can buy/sell Crypto assets through spot, margin & derivatives trading. Moreover, it offers a leverage of 10x for margin and 50x for derivative trading. This has the interest of welfare, as in, Crypto credits, Crypto Earn, Visa Debit Cards, Pay, NFT marketplace. It charges 0.4% of the transaction value & 0.36% while staking CRO along with a user-friendly web interface. Today’s Bitcoin price at is $34,500.11.


It was established in 2011 & launched in 2013 and is owned by Payward Inc. of San Francisco, California, USA. It offers 94 different coins trading with over 405 different pairs. As a user, one can buy/sell Crypto assets through spot, margin & future trading. It gives a low trading fee of 0.26% of the transaction value being a convenient app with high security & foreign exchanges to achieve a high amount of transaction volume. But this has a weak UI with subpar deposit methods. The USA residents can take advantage of on-chain staking services only & not off-chain staking services. Today’s Bitcoin price at Kraken is $35,483.11.

The is a certified and convenient app having blockchain software with a 99.4% of accuracy level for profitable predictions. Making it a reliable, faster, safe & secure app.

Generally, the Global Crypto exchange has multiple platforms with distinct features but is restricted in the USA because of the interruptions caused by the Government of America. Although, the US specified exchanges which we have just listed work day and night to provide better services with more features by staying in line with the regulatory requirements.

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