PIP insurance

What does PIP stand for in insurance?

Car drivers require insurance to cover any liabilities that result from car accidents. PIP insurance functions differently than traditional forms of car insurance. Instead, it focuses specifically on bodily injuries. Georgia is an at-fault state, which requires the other driver to pay for your damages if you were at fault. However, when you are at fault and have to cover your damages, PIP insurance helps fill in the gap. Your insurance coverage will only reimburse you for some of your damages and, in many cases, does not cover medical bills depending on your policy. You can find out more from legal professionals. According to Henningsen Injury Attorneys P.C., the following information can help:

What Is PIP Insurance?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance will cover you even if you are at fault for a motor vehicle accident. The number of damages is covered up to the policy limit. After that, you can add additional coverage, such as Property Damage Liability (PDL) which pays for damages to another’s property. 

What Does PIP Insurance Cover?

You must purchase PIP insurance in states with no-fault accident insurance. However, Georgia is an at-fault state that does not require purchasing this insurance. It is optional, but if you decide to include this coverage in addition to required liability insurance, the following would be covered: 

Income Loss

After you have been in an accident, you may suffer injuries that prevent you from working full-time. Your PIP insurance will cover any income loss from the date of the injury up until you recover. 

Medical Expenses

Any medical bills caused by your car accident injuries would also be included in PIP insurance. This provides healthcare treatments, ambulance fees, surgeries, imaging scans, medical devices, medication, and more. 

Funeral Expenses

Auto accidents can cause a tragic car accident that results in the death of the driver or passenger. PIP insurance will cover the cost of any funeral bills or burial costs for the car accident victim. 

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death damages are also covered under PIP insurance if the driver or passengers were victims of a car accident. Included in wrongful death damages are loss of consortium, loss of earning capacity, lost benefits, and many other damages. You can speak to your attorney about other wrongful death damages you can claim. 

Essential Services

If you have any additional services that are an expense to you, you can recover them in your PIP insurance claim. For example, if you struggle to do chores or tasks because of your injuries, you can be reimbursed for hiring someone to help you with these services.

What Is Not Covered By PIP Insurance?

PIP insurance helps cover some of your damages after a bad car accident, but it will not be applicable in all scenarios. 

Other Drivers’ Injuries

PIP insurance does not cover the other driver’s injuries if you were at fault. However, your medical expenses and other related damages are covered under PIP insurance

Injuries Caused During A Crime

If you were involved in criminal activity while in a car accident, you would not be eligible. For example, you would not receive any coverage if you were driving drunk or driving a stolen car.

Compensated Accidents

After a car accident has occurred, you may have already been compensated through a settlement. Therefore, you would not be eligible for PIP insurance in this case. 

Property Damage

PIP insurance does not cover if you caused damage to another’s property after your car accident. Property damage to your car will not be covered even if the other party is at fault. 

What If I Was Not At Fault Or Partially At Fault For My Motor Vehicle Accident? 

Personal injury accidents can be confusing and involve multiple parties. It can be difficult to decipher who is responsible for your injuries. In order to know who can be held liable, speak to a personal injury attorney. They can review your insurance coverage and the circumstances surrounding your accident. Your attorney can help determine who is responsible for your injuries through their deep understanding of traffic law. If you are partially at fault, your attorney will calculate the percentage of damages you are still owed. In Georgia, you can receive compensation even if you were 50% at fault for your car accident. Find out from your personal injury attorney if you are owed compensation and who is the liable party. 

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