Christmas Gifts

What To Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts This Year

The spirit of Christmas is all about giving, but sometimes we receive gifts that we just don’t have any use for, and that also means that many of us probably do the same for others. There often feels like two options exist in this scenario, and that is to just keep that gift forever so as to not offend the person who gave it to you or to throw it away and hope they don’t notice. That’s where these next options come in handy so that this gift isn’t wasted and instead can be put to better use for you and potentially someone else.

Re-Gift Items
The first choice here is to gift this unwanted present to somebody else. Instead of wasting this present which someone may or may not have put some thought into buying, you can instead use it as a present for someone else. There are some rules you should follow when regifting and one of the most important ones, and this might be difficult depending on the situation, is, to be honest. Re-gifting an item runs the risk of you seeming ungrateful, but if you know that your friend or a family member might enjoy a particular gift more than you, then it may just make sense for you to give it to them instead. 

Sell Or Exchange Them
Many of us get inundated with gifts that we just either have no need for or no space for in our homes and find that we really need to be vigilant with clearing stuff out. But instead of dumping all of your unwanted gifts at the end of the holiday season, consider selling them on online marketplaces. You could also arrange a holiday gift swap between you and your friends to see if any of you have something worth trading for. Gift cards are also common gifts during the holidays, but the restrictive nature of these means that there might be nothing you’d want to use them for. You could either sell these gift cards or you can even buy Bitcoin with gift cards too. Paxful offers Bitcoin trades for several types of gift cards, including Amazon, Xbox, Google Play, and Steam Wallet gift cards.

Donate To Charity
Possibly the humblest of choices here is to donate these gifts to charity, but remember, charity shops are not dumping grounds for your trash. Of course, most thrift stores accept different things but generally speaking, only donate useful, unbroken items to these places. Remember, a charity shop has to sell these items to people to make money so make sure the things you’re giving them are of good quality.

Return The Gift
Many people that take a gamble on a gift understand that it may not be the right choice for someone and often leave receipts with the gift. This is a sure-fire way of letting you know that you have the opportunity to return that gift. Either way, it can still feel wrong to do so, and it’s worth using some etiquette when returning your unwanted gift. Being honest is probably the best bet, and there are ways to do this without being rude. 

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