Credit Card

Who can you trust to accept credit cards online when scam everywhere?

Updated July 15, 2022 – About 10 years ago while attending university, I decided to sell my laptop online. I posted it to my local Kijiji site, offering what I thought was a good deal for a two-year-old Acer computer. I got so excited when I received a response from a man named Alan, wondering if I could ship it to him in North Carolina.

He seemed genuine, so I agreed to mail it to him if he paid to ship it. Considering I had no way to accept credit cards online Alan said he would send me a Moneygram for $300 – no problem, he just wanted the tracking number to confirm he wasn’t just sending his money to a stranger who was going to steal his cash. Made sense to this naïve small-town kid.

Well, I sent the tracking info and got an email “Moneygram” that turned out to be fake. My stomach fell – my laptop had essentially been stolen from me and Alan ignored all of my follow-up emails. I couldn’t believe this had happened to me.

Thankfully, the woman at the post office in NC was really empathetic and stopped the parcel from being delivered once she heard my story. But it left me shaken and not trusting digital transactions that weren’t from recognized places that accept credit cards online or other sorts of e-payments. I was even skeptical of the BMO e-transfers my mother sent me when my poor student self was sick of eating Mr. Noodles.

I couldn’t really get past the fact that I was a net-savvy young person; how did I just get ripped off? Originally, I wanted to get the money from my laptop to build up the homemade jewelry business that I was going to launch on eBay as soon as I had sufficient inventory. I wound up selling the computer for less than I asked, but found a good sale and stocked up on my jewelry-making supplies.

This incident affected me even more deeply considering I had been so excited about having my own online store that would even accept credit cards online and make for much more seamless, modern transactions. As I built my inventory and launched my early website, I consulted with a number of companies that accept credit cards online. I must say, I couldn’t find a better.

Not only do they provide software and services to accept credit cards online they also offer a great referral bonus. I shared their info with some of my online marketplace site pals after I had such a great experience and got up to $200 per referral! The TDN has given away tons of cash and prizes to their customers and referrals can earn great discounts. This further reinforced my decision to go with them as an online merchant virtual payment provider.

Credit Card

I didn’t have any fear around choosing them to accept people’s credit cards online via my jewelry site. Although they’re an independent provider, they are very professional with regards to security and explaining how their software can help you safely process transactions and to make your customers want to come back again and again.

This is my first time running any kind of business and I found their customer service reps – who are available via online chat! – to make me feel at ease whenever I ran into something I didn’t understand or when I got nervous about reading my financial statements. The statements are very easy to understand and you can see the results of your sales very clearly.

If it wasn’t for taking the leap and moving my jewelry business online, I would have never seen the level of sales I do now. The internet is where so many sales happen now and I think all businesses should invest in an e-store and way to accept credit cards online if they really want to see profits from their work.

I know I had a rocky start to the online sales business with my laptop scare back when I was a poor student with creative ambitions. However, if I hadn’t made the move to bring my business online with the help of the TDN, I would have never seen how safe, effortless, and profitable selling my jewelry online could be!

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