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Woman in the crypto world. Who are they? What do they do?

Up to the present time, virtual currencies have become attractive for more people worldwide. Regardless of age or occupation, anybody can search for Bitcoin margin trading or ETH investing. Yet, there is an unspoken rule that the crypto industry primarily consists of men. When crypto-only began being popular, males created groups for work and communication that excluded females. Is this trend changing?

At the end of the 2010s, more women decided to engage in crypto. In detail, they made up around fifteen percent of traders! It might seem that the numbers are underwhelming, but the progress is there. Mainly, such a trend occurred due to the dramatic increase in Bitcoin price. Among other reasons for women engaging in crypto are:

  • Exciting and unusual job offers;
  • Improvement of financial state;
  • Encouragement from male crypto fellows.

While the enthusiastic girls prefer to invest and save via virtual currencies, fewer tend to trade crypto. Nonetheless, such women still conquer the mountain peaks of the digital world. Is it gut feeling, profound education, or both? Let’s discuss some of the powerful and inspirational crypto ladies!

Lavinia Osbourne

Education arises whenever people talk about complex technologies like blockchain and crypto. In order to be successful, everybody needs high-quality preparation. Once you receive the freshest crypto knowledge, luck is in your hands!

Fortunately for women, Lavinia Osbourne created a unique platform for learning everything about digital currencies. According to the description, this place is like a crypto school and a caring sorority mix. Moreover, people of any gender may join the Women in Blockchain group in the UK! If you need support and communication, feel free to ask for it.

Lavinia also strives to expand such a great idea. For instance, women of the Middle East have an opportunity to use this platform. If the trend continues, the following network is going to cover the whole planet! Therefore, ladies from all over the world may get a chance to become crypto experts.

Besides, Lavinia Osbourne came up with a female-only NFT space. Such projects help women feel safe and comfortable. In case a beginner is afraid of judgment or criticism, Osbourne’s groups solve the issue! There are all the necessary conditions for freedom and creativity without boundaries.

Samantha Wang

Generally, women believe that crypto rarely lets in bossy ladies. Samantha Wang thought like that too, until her life turned upside down. In 2013 she was just a student who needed to pay for her education. Samantha invested in a digital currency to gain some profits. At that point, she expected too little from blockchain technologies, so she fell out of the trends for the whole five years.

The next turning point in the young woman’s life was in 2018 when she co-founded a virtual currency named IOST. Even though Wang did it with men, her input was still undisputable. She quickly realized that current technologies craved improvement.

As an illustration, Samantha’s criticism towards Ethereum was mainly regarding the low transaction speed. Hence, she wished to create something better and faster. Accordingly, IOST appeared and quickly got into the CoinMarketCap list!

Besides working on the technology itself, Samantha Wang constantly thinks about the place of females in crypto. She personally feels the impact of stereotypes in this male-dominated field. For instance, crypto millionaires mostly perceive her as a date option rather than a business partner. Constant invitations for dates prove it! However, the crypto lady fights these traditional views by ignoring such messages and working twice as hard as men.

Maliha Abidi

Without a doubt, one of the female champions in the huge crypto world is Maliha Abidi. Despite her relatively young age, this woman has a powerful impact on the digital community. Sure, the background played a significant part for Maliha. Being a Pakistani immigrant in the US, she clearly understood all the hardships a woman can experience under similar conditions.

To begin with, Abidi constantly thought about the laws of life for women and girls in Pakistani. Moving to California only accentuated the cultural contrast. Secondly, immigration brought up racial issues and stimulated Maliha’s active position.

Consequently, the young woman’s feelings and experiences transformed into digital art pieces. In fact, NFT technology fascinated the artist so much that she decided to create a special project. “Women Rise NFTs” has a noble goal of attracting the following female crypto specialists:

  • Artists;
  • Businesswomen;
  • Coders, etc.

Profits from this project should go to funds for women in challenging conditions. Markedly, the young activist is unlikely going to stop any time soon. Her mind is full of fantastic ideas, like creating an international network of schools for children in need.

Elizabeth Stark

Another remarkable crypto lady that has massive influence is Elizabeth Stark. The girl has always been quite a smartie, but her full potential grew once she enrolled in Harvard. Elizabeth has spent most of her time lecturing at Yale, but everything changed in 2016. At that time, she helped in creating Lightning Labs. This project made Stark globally famous. What is the Lightning Labs project?

You have probably heard that people who deal with Bitcoin criticize the low transaction speed. Indeed, five operations per second is an underwhelming indicator nowadays. Such a problem encouraged Elizabeth Stark to come up with a solution.

In brief, Lightning Labs should act as a Visa network for BTC. Its main purpose is to make operations quicker and more efficient. The project is somewhat experimental at this time, but it has enormous potential! In case of success, the network will make Bitcoin payments entirely unproblematic. Due to Lightning Labs, BTC can even beat Ethereum by some indicators in the future.

Final words

Altogether, the field of digital currencies constantly gains more genius women. Female crypto experts ford in all areas imaginable, from tech support to NFT art. These fantastic girls carry the industry on their backs regardless of their job, just like men do. Furthermore, powerful and brave professionals have to fight stereotypes to gain respect, making their efforts ten times harder! They are genuinely making the crypto world a gender-neutral space.

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