BancFirst Routing Number

How to Check BancFirst Routing Number

Updated November 07, 2022 – BancFirst Routing Number: A Routing Number is a Nine digits code used by US Banks to identify financial institutions in the United State, especially when initiating or receiving transfers from other institutions. The Routing Numbers were adopted by the Banking Industry in 1910 to make transactions quicker and more efficient. The routing number is also known as a Routing Transit Number (RTN). BancFirst customers can receive wire transfers after providing the necessary details along with the BancFirst routing number.

BancFirst Routing Number is 103003632

How to find the BancFirst Routing Number?

BancFirst Routing Number can be found at the bottom of the Check Book. Below is a sample of the BancFirst Routing Number check that shows where to look it up.

BancFirst Routing Number
BancFirst Routing Number

How to Wire Money in BancFirst?

Similar to other banking institutions in the US, BancFirst uses routing numbers to make or receive domestic wire transfers and swift code to receive international incoming wire transfers.

Customers at BancFirst can send or receive money from abroad into their accounts in the US. For this to happen, the recipients provide BancFirst swift code together with other necessary information to the sending bank/financial institution.

Usually, financial institutions impose a processing fee for incoming and outgoing wire transfers.

If you don’t have a BancFirst check handy, you can also find your routing number in the following places:

  • Your bank statement
  • Your bank’s website or mobile app
  • Through your bank’s phone customer service

BancFirst Domestic Wire Transfers

BancFirst customers can receive domestic wire transfers into their accounts. For this to happen, they must provide the sending financial institution or individual with the following information:

  • Bank Name –  BancFirst
  • Routing Number – 103003632
  • Address of Bank – 101 North Broadway, Suite 200. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your BancFirst account number

BancFirst International Wire Transfers

To receive an international wire transfer into your BancFirst account, you must provide the information below to the person or business sending the wire transfer to you:

  • Bank Name –  BancFirst
  • Address of Bank – 101 North Broadway, Suite 200. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your BancFirst Account Number
  • BancFirst Bank Branch / ATM Locator
  • BancFirst Bank Website:
  • BancFirst Bank Routing Number: 103003632
  • BancFirst Bank Swift Code: BFOKUS44
  • BancFirst Bank Mobile App: Android | iPhone
  • BancFirst Bank Telephone Number: 888-551-5152
  • BancFirst Bank Headquartered In Oklahoma
  • BancFirst Bank Founded: 1989 (31 years ago)
  • BancFirst Bank Customer Service : (844) 545-3059, (405) 372-3059, (580) 282-3059, (918) 610-3059.

Wire Transfer Fees for BancFirst

Johnson Bank imposes a processing fee for outgoing and incoming International and Domestic Wire Transfers. For more information on the fees, please call the customer care center at 844-545-3059 during business hours.

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