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Macy’s Credit Card is a credit card offered by Macy’s department store that customers can use to make purchases at Macy’s stores and online at Macy’s Credit Card is issued by Citibank’s Department Stores National Bank, and you will interact with Citi/DSNB for most issues related to your account, this card is mainly carved for the actual benefit of customers and to meet their aspect of satisfaction.

Macy’s Credit Card
Credit Card IssuerCitibank’s Department Stores National Bank
Credit Card Login
Credit Card Payment Phone Number1-888-257-6757
Credit Card Payment AddressMacy’s Credit Card
PO Box 9001094
Louisville, KY 40290-1094
Macy’s American Express
PO Box 9001108
Louisville, KY 40290-1108
Cash Advance Fee4% (min $5)
Cash Advance APR25.49% (V)
Foreign Transaction Fee3%
Smart ChipYes, chip-and-signature
Max Late Fee$40
Max Overlimit Fee$0
Max Penalty APRNone
Grace Period25 days

Macy’s Credit Card offers its cardholders online login and bill payment services. This card offers an exclusive discount at Macy’s stores and earns reward points for every purchase. Once you have accumulated rewards points worth up to $25, you can receive easily redeemable gift coupons.

Macy’s provides its customers with a secure web portal to pay credit card bills, reset usernames and passwords, update account information, and activate their cards. Below, we have mentioned step-by-step instructions on logging into Macy’s credit card account, recovering the password/user id, activating the card, and making bill payments.

How to Macy’s Credit Card login?

Now let us start with this guide and check out the methods for Macy’s Credit Card Login Online. They are as mentioned below. Never forget any steps to log in to Macy’s Credit Card; read the step given below.

Step 1: First of all navigate to this webpage.

Step 2: Tab on Sign In.

Macy’s Credit Card Login

Step 3: Enter your login details Email Address and Password.

Step 4: After filling in all details click on Sign In.

After following the above steps, I hope you can easily log into Macy’s Credit Card online portal. If you are facing any issues with login into Macy’s Credit Card, then repeat these steps or Contact Macy’s Credit Card Customer Service:1-888-257-6757, 800-289-6229 Macy’s Credit and Customer Service, PO Box 8113, Mason, Ohio 45040.

How to Recover Macy’s Credit Card Login User Name Online?

Step 1: First of all navigate to this webpage.

Step 2: After that click on Sign In.

Step 3: After that click on Forgot Your Password.

Forgot User Name Macy’s Credit Card Online 1

Step 4: After that Enter Enter the email for your Macy’s account and we’ll send you a link to reset your password.

Forgot User Name Macy’s Credit Card Online 2

Step 5: After that open your Email and click on the active link and Reset your Password.

How to Enroll in Macy’s Credit Card Online?

Step 1: First of all visit the official website [].

Step 2: To start with the sign up the user should go to the application homepage [] of Macy’s. Once you reach the web page click on “Apply Now.

Step 3: After that Next the user will be navigated to a new web page where they are required to enter the following personal information in the blank spaces provided below.

  • E-mail address
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Home phone number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Business phone number

Step 4: After that Once you have completed the personal information section fill in the financial information form with your annual income and monthly mortgage or rent payment.

Step 5: After that Next you should fill in the following security information to go ahead with the activation process.

  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Photo ID type
  • Driver’s license or photo ID number
  • State issued

Step 6: Go through the information below which contains annual percentage rates, fees, annual fees, other cost information, and other terms and conditions, and then agree to the terms and conditions by checking the white box below.

Step 7: Finally press the “Submit Application” button which is situated at the bottom right of the webpage to enable the bank to verify the information you just provided. Once your account is confirmed you will be enabled to manage your credit card online.

Step 8: After Macy’s credit card pre-approval You can access your Account Online.

How to Activate Macy’s Credit Card Application Status?

Step 1: First of all visit Macy’s Credit Card Home Page.

Step 2: After that Click on the; Activate Card’ button and on the next page you will be asked to choose your credit card and click on Submit.

Step 3: You will be asked to call a specific phone number to activate your card.

Macy’s Credit Card Benefits

Macy’s credit cards come with a tiered reward rate, meaning rewards correlate to how much you spend at the retailer:

  • Silver: When you first open a Macy’s credit card, you receive silver status, which earns 2% back on Macy’s purchases. The status applies to those who spend between $1 and $499 a year on the card.
  • Gold: Cardholders who spend between $500 and $1,199 are upgraded to Gold status, which earns 3% back on Macy’s purchases.
  • Platinum: The highest level, Platinum, earns 5% back on Macy’s purchases. You must spend $1,200 or more annually at Macy’s to maintain that status.

The best part about the Macy’s Credit Card is the introductory reward: You’ll get 20% off your purchase made within one day of activating an account (up to $100). After that, you’ll receive benefits depending on your status level. At the Silver Level ($0-$499.99 annually), you’ll get three “Star Passes” (25% off for a day), a birthday surprise, and other unspecified offers. Spend $500-$1,199.99, and you’ll get everything at the Silver Level, plus three more Star Passes and free shipping. Spending more than $1,200 unlocks the best rewards: Everything above, 12 annual Star Passes, and 5% back.

How to Pay Macy’s Credit Card Payment Online

Here is how to make a Macy’s Credit Card bill payment:

  • Online: Log in to your Macy’s Credit Card online account to make a payment and manage your account.
  •  By Phone: Call Macy’s Credit Card Customer Service at 1-888-257-6757 and follow the prompts to make a payment.
  •  By Mail: Send your cheque or money order to the following address:

Macy’s Credit Card
PO Box 9001094
Louisville, KY 40290-1094

How to Pay Macy’s Credit Card Payment via Phone

To pay a Macy’s Credit Card payment by phone, call the customer service number for your card:

Macy’s Credit Card also lets you pay for credit card transactions by phone for free. To make a payment over the phone, you must collect the credit card number along with your bank account number as well as your Social Security Number.

For Macy’s Credit Card Payment via Phone Call 1-888-257-6757. After the call Follow the automated prompts to schedule your payment.

How to Pay Macy’s Credit Card Payment via Mail

There’s also the option of mailing Macy’s Credit Card Payment. Make your payment by check or money order to an amount that is at the least of your amount due. The payment should be accompanied by the coupon on your bill statement, or write your account number on the cheque. Send the check to the address that is associated with your credit card.

For Macy’s Credit Card Payment address:

Macy’s Credit Card
PO Box 9001094
Louisville, KY 40290-1094


Macy’s American Express
PO Box 9001108
Louisville, KY 40290-1108

Or, You can also pay at any Macy’s store.

What is Macy’s Credit Card Phone Number?

>Macy’s Credit Card Phone Number 1-866-470-8613

What is Macy’s credit card payment phone number?

>macy’s credit card payment phone number is 1-888-257-6757 call on this number to get information about how to Macy’s credit card payment.

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